Missing Duophone

The Duophone setting appears to be missing on my Nathos Auto’s. It was there when I unchecked the mic in Loop mode, as there was too much background noise in the supermarket. I don’ understand where it has gone.
I am using the 360 setting, and background noise is a problem. it was set to weak, and I have re-set it to strong. does anyone know if this affects anything other than noise please?

Won’t it be under Acoustic Phone?

Hi Zebras.


You are right, I don’t use the Acoustic phone normally, but trying the program to see if it works.

I have had my Nathos Auto’s since September 28th. There has always been too much background noise, making it very difficult to hear in all situations. The loop being particularly bad for TV, and with the Contego.

I have spent a lot of time experimenting with noise block, with no improvement. But I have found the the soft sounds G50 has far too much gain. A reduction of about 4db, has made a huge improvement all round, and the TV loop is now very good. So hopefully the Contego will now be more helpful.

I have still not tried the Duophone, as the opportunity has not arisen.

Do you mean you are using speech in 360 program full time?

I’m going to try this program out at work today. I’m hoping it’s as good as my Roger.

I also had to reduce mine by 3 dB as it was set too high. Things are a lot clearer now.

Hi Zebras.

I am using the 360 program as the startup program. I am finding it a little better than Soundflow.

Not sure about it’s zooming in on one person though. Visiting my wife in hospital, when there are other people talking around you, is still very difficult.

The Duophone definitely is working, I have yet to be brave enough to use it for a live phone call, but I will try…

You do know Soundflow is automatic?
360 is one of the Soundflow programs.
Maybe running one single program is what you want.

Hi Raudrive.

I know Soundflow is automatic thanks. But to me the 360 program seems better in noise.

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By looking at the gains and settings of the 360 program it will show what is different about the programs. Then you can make adjustments in loud for example in that direction.
The idea is to get Soundflow to work for you. At least this my goal.

Hi Raudrive.

There is a little difference in gain between Soundflow and the 360 program, but for me, the 360 is a little clearer than Soundlow, so I will stick with it thanks.

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Another problem.

I wonder if there are any good working Nathos Auto SP’s out there?

The Tcoil on the right, went faulty a few weeks ago. It was replaced, but this has now developed the same fault.

At the hospital, the new aid did not work, and this one took a couple of switch on’s before it worked. Possibly dirt on the contacts.

There was no black aids available, so I will have to go back to collect it when the new ones come in. I will have to manage until then, as it’s half a day to get there and back, plus fitting.

These may be made for the NHS, but Phonak quality control should be better than this.