Hi all, I’m new to all of this. I’ve had two different diagnosis and now I’m waiting for an MRI next week to rule out worst case scenario.

I’ve noticed a decrease in my hearing for years, I suspect almost 10 or more. I’ve never been able to 'clear" my ears to snorkel since I was a child and have a history of sinus infections and illness. Anyway, I really noticed a decrease in hearing about two years ago in my left ear and finally went to the ENT who diagnosed me with otosclerosis - a middle ear issue. He referred me to another ENT who does the surgery. This ENT ran additional tests and said it’s an inner ear issue and suspects either damage or an acoustic neuroma. I have an MRI next week to rule this out or confirm my worst fears. I am considering getting a third opinion at some point, because I’m uncomfortable with all this back and forth.

Has anyone experienced this before? I have some tinnitus (which seems to have gotten worse after the battery of hearing tests).

I’m not really sure what issues are, besides hearing loss and tinnitus. Are there other symptoms? Most hearing loss is not caused by either of those things.

i have a history of sinus infections but ive noticed a hearing loss in my left ear for a long time. but the tinnitus really got worse after the hearing tests. all i know is that i had one dr say its otosclerosis to have a 2nd dr say its ssnhl and schedule me for an mri. so im just kind if at a loss as to what why and how

I guess the MRI will show if it is either if those things.