Miracle-ear problems

I have recently been fitted with two 6 channel in-canal Miracle ear hearing aids in both ears. One always gives me feedback or a loud whistling sound which is very anoying & loud - and for no reason and at any random time, even without any sound in the room! Other people around me can also hear this squeeling sound. Especially worse when I remove the unit with my fingers - it squeels! The other hearing aid does not do thisat all. They both fit well and pretty tight. Any suggestions? They have been computer adjusted two times now. New batteries do not help at all. ???/

First, let me tell you that I am not an audiologist! I’m 22 and have worked at a hearing clinic (either part-time or full-time) since I was 16.

Here are some reasons why our patients come in with feedback problems:

1.) Cerumen (earwax) ; hopefully they’ve checked that your ears are clear - if not - make sure to ask for a video otoscopy.

2.) Bad fit ; Obviously, if the aid doesn’t fit correctly, you will experience feedback.

3.) Too much amplification ; Unfortunately, ITE (In The Ear) aids have there limits. Since the microphone and receiver are so close together, they can’t be turned up as loud as BTE (Behind The Ear) models - or you get feedback.

Again, let me emphasize that I am not a specialist - just a bored employee. :eek:

Honestly, I have fitted almost every major brand of hearing aid during my career which began in 1994. Although I have not personally fitted a Miracle Ear, I have seen many patients who already have one, and in my professional opinion, these devices suck!

Of all the major brands the one I see needing to be replaced often within 3 years or less of fitting is this brand. I’ve even fitted patients who have had a Miracle Ear for less than 18 months. I cannot say that about any other brand.

I have no beef with Miracle Ear, I’ve never worked for them. I am not some kind of disgruntled former employee. Nor am I the kind of person who thinks that all companies I don’t work for sucks. But from everything I have seen I am not a fan.

On a side note I find the marketing they do in my area to be total bottom fishing. Two for the price of one, and other nonsense con-tricks. Again, not a fan.

My suggestion is to return them and try a more advanced brand. Starkey, Audibel, Siemens, ReSound, Oticon, Widex, even Phonak if you have to.

Otherwise, Caledb18 has some great points. Although you say the fit is great, and I would be surprised if you have wax if you just got the aids. No ethical dispenser would have taken impressions of your ears if they were blocked with wax.

All hearing aids will make some kind of noise when you remove them though. This is quite normal. They are designed to be feedback free when fitted perfectly. As you take them out of your ears with your fingers over the microphone, they are very likely to whistle.