Miracle ear hearing aids

Dose anyone have any experience with the Miracle Ear hearing aids,
I’m considering buying them???

try to get hearing aids from the top 4

siemens, oticon, phonak , GN or Widex

Expert insurance

Miracle Ear is a franchise that sells Miracle Ear instruments. They are not quick to share their features or technology with independent offices, so it is hard to compare to high-end companies like Siemens, Phonak, Resound, etc.

Certainly they are not the leader in technology nor price, but that doesn’t mean that Miracle Ear hearing aids won’t help you. As I’ve mention before here in other threads, in my opinion, the most important feature you can get with a hearing aid, is an expert to fit it, regardless of the name on the case.

If you are comfortable with the individual’s credentials, expertise, fitting methods and payment policies, go for it- you will probably be successful. However, there are some pretty big differences out there in expertise and fitting practices. If you aren’t comfortable, take a look at the credentials and expertise of other practices in your area.