Minor refresh

Sorry about the downtime this morning. We are in the process of refreshing the look of HearingTracker.com and had to take the forum down for about an hour to get the forum synced up. In terms of menus, everything is mostly where it was before, but let me know if you guys and gals see anything weird.


The DIY section has disappeared again on mobile devices.

I can see it on my laptop but I can’t see it on my tablet or iPhone.

Was that working previously (as of yesterday?)

I am seeing it on mobile, scroll down a bunch on the categories page…

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Found it!

Ignore me!


Dang. I was hoping to see the little number for new posts in the tab bar up top when logged in. I get the number when not logged in. Go figure.
That changed some time ago and I said something then but seems no one was interested.

What happen to the store items.? Never mind I found it.

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I purchased Phonak Hearing Domes this morning. I was only able to find Oticon on your store.


We are working on getting all the major brands added.


Thanks for getting the member audiogram entry so much easier.


Can you send me a screenshot with the relevant item highlighted ?

Thanks Abram.
So the following shows the little number in the tab up top. The tab to the right is the active tab. When I’m NOT logged in and a new post happens this number will increment up for each new post even when the tab isn’t the active one. When I AM logged in it doesn’t.
I’ll admit that I turn off whatever that notification option is when logged in. But really, wouldn’t one think that a nice feature like that should be nice when logged in?
This is W10 on a touch-able tablet running Firefox. But it’s the same on my non-touch laptop.

The hearingtracker.com site used to have a link to the forum at the top, but I think it’s gone now. Is that expected?

Also, the forum is mostly white. Is there any chance of adding a little bit of color, so that it’s not too painful to the eyes?

There’s a dark theme. But that can be weird on the eyes too.
Your avatar/your username/Preferences/Interface/Theme

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I use the dark theme and the header is dark grey on black, no way I can read it.

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Sounds like fixing this could be good for jughead too…

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Well, it’s not the most beautiful, but made a couple changes to dark theme to make it at least legible :slight_smile:

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An update to my earlier post about notifications…I see now that the little notification request is gone.

So much better than the glaring white before the refresh, I like this now, and I can read everything, thank you!

I use to be able to create a new topic in a category. I can no longer do this or I don’t know how. Any help will be greatly appreciated.