Minitek problems

Hi, went back to have my minitek looked at for the Siemens Pure 7 mis. The HA Mic’s were already set fairly low, but she decreased them a little again. She even called the rep, who offered no solution. I only use it to stream audeo from the TV. When the TV volume is off, the Minitek streaming is fine. As soon as the TV volume is on, I hear them both. The delay is slight, but bothersome.

One thing she wanted me to do was turn my mics off completely (the button on the right top) to see how that would work. When I do that, I don’t even hear the streaming…everything is muted. Then she wanted me to have it on as usual (TV volume up) and take out on HA, then the other, to see if it’s one ear or the other. My left ear is very bad…much worse than my right. No difference.

This does not happen on the TV in her room, and when asked this question before someone said it may be due to the close proximity of the TV in her office compared to my FR. Maybe this is something that just won’t work properly for me and my TV.

Since I only paid $50 for it, it’s nice to have at least when I watch TV by myself. But it’s back to TV ears when someone else is watching.

Any other suggestions as to what to do? Could it be the speakers on my TV are in the back causing the problem?

YOu’re holding the right button down too long and it’s turning your hearing aids OFF. Just press it once and let it go to mute the mics. Press and hold will turn off the hearing aids.

Okay, I will try that. Thanks!

on the Siemens site there is a user manual and a video on how to use the minitek.
if you are holding the miniTek facing you it’s the button on top of the unit on the left it has a small picture of a speaker with a line through it. if you press it WHILE you are streaming it will mute the mics if you press and hold it… it will put your aids in stand-by (different than off)

if you search ‘siemens minitek’ on YouTube you will get pages of how-to videos.

OK, I went home and just held it down for a second and it just muted the mics not the entire HA. It was better, but just a little. It wasn’t good enough to not be annoying, though. What a hassle.

sounds like time to dump the Siemens… does it only happen on a particular TV since you mentioned it doesn’t happen in the AuD office? are you connecting the TVLink directly to the TV or a cable/receiver/surround box box of some kind?

The little box by the TV is connected by a cable directly to the TV. I love my HA, so will keep them. And I guess will wear the streamer when I’m alone. I’ve only tried them on one of my TV’s. That’s a good idea…i might take it to another one to see if its the TV itself.