miniTek and Smart TV compatability

I have used the miniTek for several years. Currently I have the miniTek transmitter hooked up to an older TV using RCA cables plugged into the TV in the Output Audio.

I am looking to upgrade my tv to a Sony Smart Tv. Rather than the traditional (or should I say older technology using RCA cables) they have something they call Digital Audio Out (Optical).

Is the miniTek compatible with the Digital Audio Out (Optical) technology and, if so, what do I need to make the physical connection?

Thanks in advance for any help for this technically challenged individual.

Probably a Toslink connector. If the transmitter accepts Toslink connection then all you need is the Toslink optical cable, for just a few dollars. If the transmitter does not have a Toslink connector you could use a converter, to convert the Toslink to whatever the transmitter accepts (RCA jacks?).

Not recommending this, just the first one I saw, but you will need some converter like this, if the transmitter does not Toslink. Also, you would need the Toslink cable and the RCA cables, which you may already have.

I run the digital optical out to my sound bar and hook up my EasyTek transmitter directly to the headphone jack on my Sony TV. The advantage is that on my Sony TV, the headphone jack does not cut out the digital optical out, so both operate with separate remotes. So, my wife can listen normally, and I can stream to my HAs and we both have our own volume controls.

In addition, I can choose to either use my HA microphones with the streaming, or cut out the microphones, so I can blend both the streaming and the room sound for more base and mid-range.