Mini-tek version for Rexton not out yet

I was curious if there was a Siemens Mini-Tek version out for their Rexton brand so I got on the Rexton site and filled out a “contact” page and asked that question. I received a phone call from someone at Rexton and for right now there is not a version for Rexton. The Rexton version of Tek is called Blu RCU. Anyway, no mini-Blu yet and he would not commit to its eventuality but I would have to think it would be released at some point. Since the bluetooth device for Rexton is called Blu RCU any of the Costco Kirkland brands that use a Blu RCU must actually be Rexton brands.

MiniTek Not out yet at Costco. I was there yesterday. This is a brand new device for Siemens. According to what I read it is not for the technically impaired. I would like to try one, at the same time I am very please with the Blu RCU. The MiniTek will have more connectivity options like being able to be paired to two bluetooth phones, like an office phone and personal phone.

When I got my new Costco Kirkland (Rexton Cobalt 16) pair for a trial a couple of weeks ago there was a setup tab in the software that included the mini-blu. The image of it in the software looks exactly like a mini-tek. I asked the audiologist and she thought the mini is coming out for Rexton about the same time the Siemens version is released, around March or April. She didn’t have pricing.