Mini-Pro - valid option or waste of money


Hello all,

I’ve been lurking for about a week now, but just registered. My hearing is normal, but my wife wears HAs. I’m learning as much as I can & want to get a programmer to help her fine tune. I worked for years as a computer engineer before changing careers, so the technical aspects don’t pose a significant challenge for me.

I’ve researched enough to understand that the Hi-Pro is clearly the way to go as far as programmer compatibility, and I understand the difference between the USB & serial models (and the importance of using a suitable USB-Serial adapter with the latter).

My question is has anyone had any experience with these Chinese Mini-Pro units? My understanding is that they originally surfaced as counterfeit Hi-Pro USBs, but then they changed the case style & stopped infringing on the Hi-Pro trademark… thus the Mini-Pro was born.

I’m curious about others experiences regarding the functionality, compatibility, dependability of the Mini-Pros. Anything you can share is appreciated.

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I wondered the same thing as I was looking to gather programming hardware. This summer there was one supplier on AliExpress that was selling the Mini-Pro for US $175 delivered price summer special, and it was very tempting. However, once I made a connection with ebay seller help2hear, I wound up purchasing a serial Hi-Pro from him. He says he has several available but not currently listed on ebay.

As far as whether the Mini-Pro will work or not, I am not sure. I bought my hearing aids from Phillip Rechister, ebay seller bidbybid. When I talked with him to order the ribbon cable adapter pills for the hearing aids, I mentioned that I was thinking about the Mini-Pro, and his comment was that the only wired devices that work with Siemens aids are the Hi-pro and Noah devices. I don’t know if that is true, but Phillip has been in the HA business for a lot of years. From what I have seen by reading on the forums and other places, the Mini-Pro might very well be a usable device. By the time I was ready to buy, the price had gone up to $234.00 and I paid $200 plus shipping for the serial Hi-Pro, so I decided not to risk the Chineese device. I see the price is down to $219.00 at the moment.

If you decide to take the risk, be sure to let us all know your results.

Oh, one other thought. The fitting software only recognizes the Hi-Pro and Noah devices plus their own proprietary wireless devices. The Mini-Pro would have to be recognized as a Hi-Pro to be seen by the fitting software.



Rather than risk it, I did likewise. I bought a serial Hi-Pro on eBay from “vintage_fabrication” on eBay, a GearMo USB RS-232 Serial Adapter on Amazon, and it works flawlessly in Windows 10, running in VMWare Fusion on my MacBook Pro (El Capitan). My wife’s HAs are Phonak Q50s and I’m using Target 5.

To anyone in the market for a Hi-Pro, don’t be scared of the serial version. They have the same functionality as the newest units, with speed being the only difference. As mentioned in another post, you can increase the speed of the serial port by simply changing a setting in Windows.

I don’t personally know the gentleman who I purchased my Hi-Pro from, eBay user “vintage_fabrication”, however it was a flawless transaction & I believe he has several more listed if anybody needs one.



I’m wondering if anybody tried one of these. There must be an awful lot of hearing aids in China, and no shortage of IT/fabrication genius. Maybe it works!



Hi, I am a Chinese HAs user and I program my HAs by iCube2. I searched the mini Pro in Chinese websites and found it’s manufacturer. This manufacturer’s staff told me that it is very small and convenient to carry. It works will like Hi-pro. However, the reviews of this product by other buyers is not so well. (Actually, the HAs price is more expensive in China. I buy my HAs in ebay because HA stores overcharged me. )



Hi, I’ve just purchased the mini Pro and connected it up and it read my Ha’s perfectly. I have Siemens Pure 501 119/55. Now the learning process starts!
A usb cable and software disc is included and installs on Win 10 Pro easily. I read them with Connexx 6.5.



Thanks Ricked for being first to try the mini-Pro.

Hmmmmm, the mini-Pro USB uses…
USB 2.0 full speed (USB 1.1 compatible)

So it should be as fast as the GN Otometrics HI-PRO 2 which also uses…
USB 2.0 full speed (USB 1.1 compatible)

Not that speed is not a big issue! USB 1.1 is plenty fast enough for self programming. I’m just saying that the mini-Pro should be (potentially) as fast as the fastest Hi-Pro.



I bought a USB mini-Pro on Aliexpress. It shipped from Shenshen China and arrived here in less than one week. It works great! It’s cheaper ($159/free shipping) than the Serial Hi-Pro’s for sale on EBay! It’s faster than the Serial Hi-Pro’s for sale on EBay!

Here’s a link >>How to buy a mini Pro<<
Important Aliexpress search tip - search for (mini pro hearing aids) not (minipro)!

Oh, I had to call VISA to get them to allow this transaction on my credit card. The business card in the picture is just to show the size/length is about the size of a business card.



Thank you CarolinaCop for bringing up this discussion about the mini-Pro. Speed is not the only issue with Serial Hi-Pros. It’s speed and compatibility. Yes you can increase the speed of a serial port. But that doesn’t make the Serial Hi-Pro fast!

Buying a serial Hi-Pro is like buying old yard sale stuff. Sure you can get it to work. But why bother with this incompatible old junk when you can get current technology for cheaper? Currently (fall of 2016) EBay Serial Hi-Pro’s are $300 and (search for mini pro hearing) are less than $200. I paid $159 with free shipping. I’m not saying those prices will remain the same. More likely they will fluctuate.

If you are looking only at the EBay market it’s a funny market. The prices float upwards to however much you are willing to pay. Don’t forget to look at the market in China.



Let’s see. For one, I guess I’ve got some attachment to just not throwing stuff away. True, I don’t go to yard sales for pretty much the reason recovering alcoholics don’t go to bars.

That having been said, there’s also a real-life economic side to it. I began programming my own hearing aids because if I didn’t, I wouldn’t have hearing aids. Easy. I got my serial Hi-Pro years ago, when I was running Windows XP. And I waited until I could find a really good deal on eBay.

So, yeah, I’ve gotten this “incompatible old junk” to work just fine. This includes not throwing out my original serial/USB converter for the same reasons. It too works just fine. The speed difference is insignificant for my uses (and probably for any DIY-er’s).



Yep, I agree with all that. Just hate seeing new DIYers plunking down $300 for old junk when you can get current technology for almost half that price. Ouch!!



If I was buying the gear now, I’d go with the MiniPro thing. Or a USB Hi-Pro. Or a serial Hi-Pro. Whatever was cheapest. Because that is how I and probably some others here must, of needs, roll. Oh, and they all perform the same function.



Okay if that works for you. But newbies come here with little knowledge about what to get. The best advice (currently) is to get a mini-Pro USB 2.0, period. Advising them to get old junk, especially when the cost of the old junk is double is bad advice. Advising them to get extremely expensive name brand Hi-Pro2 is also bad advice. A mini-pro is currently the way to go, or a USB Hi-Pro if you can find one cheaper than $159.

I’ll admit if you already have a Serial Hi-Pro/old junk (or if you can buy one for $50) then go right ahead and use it.



Hmmmmm, now I think I understand what’s happening with the Hi-Pros. You won’t find anymore USB Hi-Pros on Ebay (except maybe for a few outliers before they get tagged for removal). GN Otometrics is requiring enforcement for Trademark Violations on EBay. So all you will see on EBay are these old junk Serial Hi-Pros. All the more reason to buy the mini-Pro. The mini-Pro is faster, it’s compatible, and currently it’s cheaper. A hell of a lot cheaper. Almost half as much as the old junk Serial Hi-Pro.



For those who are interested, GN ReSound has been fighting the Chinese companies that sell counterfeit HI-PROs for several years. They hired an intellectual property rights company (NetNames) to remove these products from eBay, AliExpress, and other trading platforms. They’ve also sued these manufacturers for infringement. The old Serial HI-PRO is still allowed on eBay because it’s a genuine product produced by GN and not a counterfeit. Counterfeit electronic components often have inferior specifications and quality.


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Lets call it a difference in opinion instead. Price lines often have different sourcing standards than product that are branded. QC can be higher where the brand’s reputation is on the line. That said, I often find the best cost:benefit in the some of the lower end price-points; but, I have also been disappointed at times with my choice.



Oh sure (in general), but if we’re talking specifically about the USB Hi-Pro and the mini-Pro then I highly recommend them.

I believe (or have a sense) that the USB Hi-Pro is being removed from EBay because of trademark infringement for using the name “Hi-Pro”. The mini-Pro sold on AliExpress does not infringe upon the Hi-Pro name and I think may be beyond the legal reach of GN Otometrics or NetNames. Though, I don’t know this for sure. But I suspect that the mini-Pro will continue to be sold in the future. Which is great for DIYers because it’s a very good product.



I just don’t know why you call it that. It works absolutely perfectly, and it’s built like a tank. It does exactly what it’s supposed to do (which is the same thing that the others do).

And yes I agree with that.



Are you sure? They do pop up from time to time. I’ve always thought that it was a matter of variable supply. The last bunch came at once, from a single seller, and I kind of figured they had been picked up at an auction or something.



Because I am emphasizing my point; (Old Junk=$300 vs Current Technology=$159) this will make sense for a new buyer.

Use Ebay’s Sold listings option to show me a survivable link to a USB Hi-Pro. There are none.