Mini-PRO & programming Phonak Audeo B90 RIC

It’s been a while since I was programming my own Starkeys. I left off for the great Costco prices and let Costco do the work. I just scored a pair of Phonak B90’s as per (Phonak Audeo B90-R RIC vs Costco KS10 (bought at yard sale today) ). I have my old knock-off mini-Pro. Can I use this to program the Phonaks? I assume there would be cables involved. And how to get the software. Links would be greatly appreciated. As I said, it’s been a while and I wasn’t so great at it, but worse is the aggravation of trying to find someone to program these.


No unfortunately you can’t use HiPro on the rechargeable, as @Zebras has mentioned, it’s iCube ll.

Check your PM


Of course, I should of known that. Hadn’t thought about that.