Mini pro pricing


Looks like aliexpress is dropping price of minipro to $209 from May 6th to June 6th.


Oh Yeah, I see it! It is not obvious at first.

It says SUMMER PROMOTION !!!Digital Hearing Aid Programmer mini PRO USB $299
Then you have to Click into that, and then scroll down to find,
SUMMER PROMOTION (May.6th-Jun.6th)
Original Price: USD299/pc
Promtion Price: usd209/pc

—Here’s a link >>How to buy a mini Pro<<

Good find MDB, Thanks!


Now it has been made more obvious, Summer Promo $209 for the mini Pro.

Other devices currently being discussed (eMiniTec/America Hears) only work for certain off brand HAs. Don’t buy that! Buy the mini Pro. Here’s a link >>How to buy a mini Pro<<

Or if you prefer wireless, a wireless device (see limitations)…
>>Links for Hearing Aid Self Programming and Self Programmers<<


Being the person that brought those other devices up for discussion…I am not yet convinced to claim categorically and conclusively that they don’t work for major-brand HA’s.
I am only bringing these other devices up to see if anyone has tried them. Apparently not so far. horia was hinting at the possibility that he had an eminitec on hand as suggested by his seeming to describe the insides of it. But he didn’t seem inclined to test it out with major-brand fitting software. Or with his level of English as a second language (or of multiple) he didn’t fully understand the intent of the test or that he may not in fact have one. Or even that he hadn’t declared conclusively that it didn’t work.

Lest we forget…the mini pro was also once upon a time in that same unknown situation until someone gave it a try.


One difference is that the mini pro claimed to be able to function as a hi pro.

[quote Lest we forget…the mini pro was also once upon a time in that same unknown situation until someone gave it a try.[/quote]



Don’t buy that other crappola. They will not work. Buy the mini Pro, which is imo, better than a Hi Pro 2 or at least just as good.


You should stop tryna get others to do your research for you. If you believe these POS devices will work for major brand name hearing aids (they won’t) then you should buy one, and you should test one.


Yes that is a fine point there MDB.

pvc: sigh. I have no “belief” in these other devices working. I have been wondering if someone has tried them with major-brand fitting software. No one has convinced me that they DON’T work. I like evidence…not conjecture. I’m not going to write something off just because someone says so without their saying so having any backup of actual tests. You are making assertions without evidence. You don’t actually KNOW that they don’t work. I’m just exploring other possibilities. Not trying to get anyone to do anything. For a price comparison absolutely why not get the mini pro. The other unknown ones are more money anyway. But I like options. Like I said, what if one found one in a flea market or classifieds or something. Wouldn’t it be nice to have certainty that it would or would not work based on actual tests that others have tried?
YOU weren’t the one to spend YOUR money to test the mini pro. You waited until someone else tried it. I have no reason to spend my money to try them when I know the mini pro exists for less money. I was wondering if someone else had one on hand and could test it using major-brand fitting software. That’s all. Options.


Heavy sigh, Geez it’s hard to imagine how we managed to get along thus far? Who knew that our haplessly efforts were in such dire need of >>collection into stickie threads<<? And, that we should be revisiting years-old-devices to see it they can now pass muster?

imo> half-baked ideas about self programming are a distraction, and not helpful. >>Tribute: lip-sync MM<<


Well let’s see, >>back in aught 9<< I had such a device from NewSound. It only worked for NewSound HAs. Sorry, I don’t have the time or the inclination to recall the details about this POS device from eight years ago.

I believe that I was >>second<<. That’s pretty close.


That is indeed your opinion.
Again…I’m only wondering about the use of these other devices. Not suggesting that anyone run out and get one at great cost just to try. If they have one…give it a whirl and see what happens. Heck…if anyone has upgraded from those “lesser” brands and still has the box then I’ll pay your cost of mailing it to me and I’ll give it a whirl myself and send it back at my cost whether positive or negative.


z10user2:The probability of going to Mars as an astronaut is much greater than the chance some Programming box accidentally works with randomly selected Fitting software.:smiley:
I tried to tell you that each software uses special libraries, and each Programming box uses specially designed drivers, but I do not seem to be clear enough!
All companies only have to support of the Hi-Pro.Try to understand why the miniPro USB box also works with all the Fitting software!


Thanks for your time horia.


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