Mild hearing loss tinnitus will hearing aid help

@Iohearn I have these little > that are suppose to symbolize bone conduction on the audiogram but im not to sure how to read them, they just some what follow the same pattern as my hearing loss only less

Interesting dreamtheater. So your loss is both conductive and sensorineural? Would love to know those numbers too.

These > on on the audiogram graph, correct? The numbers on the left side of the graph are the db, the other scale is the frequency.

the little > hover at 5 db for the most part some frequencies dont even have one. Now that i look at my audiograms again (3 in all) bone conduction things dont look as bad… I’m gonna assume its normal :o

Every audiologist, ENT, and nuerotologist werent a very big help:mad:… They all assumed it was simply noised induced because i had mentioned an Ipod, even though i had asked them then why is my hearing and tinnitus flucuating months after using it and why does one ear show robust OAE responses when the other is failing if I had ear buds in both ears. I’m sure the IPod didnt help, but it would have at least stabilized had my problem been from noise. I see a hearing aid person this saturday, I hope there is something he can do for me.

Just a bit of an update, this wednesday I will be geting fitted for hearing aids. I’ve been on my new diet for just over 2 weeks, and although things havent gotten worse I can’t say they have improved much, yet at least. I went back to my doctor and asked if we can give prednisone a shot even though its very late in the game for it to have much of an effect but at the very least it should be up any recovery that is possible. I started the prednisone yesturday so I’ll know shortly!! I guess it’s time for me to move onto the hearing aid forum!!

you want to be very careful with that stuff… can’t believe a Doc would give it just because you wanted to try it.

@IMback yea i know the risks but surprisingly its only been 2 days and their is definatley some interaction goin on with my ears, it feels like someone is hitting a switch in my ears turning my hearing on and off as if the prednisone is battling back any remaining inflammation :). It prob won’t return any of the lost hearing but it actuallly appears to be working somewhat. I’m shocked honestly. At the very least since celiac is an autoimmune disease there is no doubt that it speed up recovery of that.


Coeliac disease (CD), an autoimmune gluten-dependent enteropathy, can be associated with several extra-intestinal manifestations, including neurological disorders. At present, no data are available on the presence of hearing loss disorder in coeliac patients. The aim of the present study was to investigate the prevalence of hearing loss in coeliac patients compared with that in healthy controls.
Twenty-four adult coeliac patients and 24 healthy subjects matched for gender, age, smoking and drinking habits were enrolled in the study. Among the coeliac patients, 6 were newly diagnosed and 18 patients were on a gluten-free diet for at least one year.
A hearing loss was found in 10 (47.1%) coeliac patients and 2 (9.1%) healthy controls. All CD patients with hearing loss presented a sensorineural hearing loss. The prevalence of hearing loss was significantly higher in coeliac patients than in healthy controls (p = 0.01) but it was not significantly different between untreated (33.3%) and treated (44.4%) coeliac patients (p: NS).
Despite the low number of subjects evaluated, the present study showed a higher prevalence of hearing loss in coeliac patients than in healthy controls, suggesting an association between CD and hearing loss. Immunological processes such as ear-specific and non-specific autoantibodies and vasculitis could be the basis of this association. Further longitudinal investigations on a larger sample size will be necessary to confirm the present data.
How is Celiac Disease Treated?
Once the diagnosis of celiac disease (CD) has been confirmed, treatment can begin immediately. No surgery is required. No medication is required. No repeated visits to the doctor’s office are necessary. The best and only known treatment for CD is simple - a lifelong elimination of “gluten”. -
There is presently no cure for celiac disease. Celiac patients can vary greatly in their tolerance to gluten. Some patients may not notice any symptoms when they ingest tiny amounts of gluten, for example if something they ingest has been cross-contaminated, while others suffer pronounced symptoms after ingesting even the slightest amount of gluten.
Avoiding gluten is crucial

@IMback. Correct recovery :). The prednisone may not reverse any of my damaged hearing at this point however it will help prevent any remaining gluten in my system from progessing the damage further while at the same time supressing my immuno response. It could take another full month for every last bit of gluten to be out of my system but the prednisone could speed that recovery time up. :o Unfortunatley its wishful thinking for me at this point that the hearing loss will get better but the tinnitus has certainly taken a bit of dive which I am very grateful for. I’ll stop the prednisone in 2 more weeks at that point it is what is!!

Hi all
Lets try to dispel a few myths here;
I’m afraid an audiogram is not the be all and end all, it’s just a modified scale to judge hearing levels by.
You don’t hear with your ears, you hear with your brain.
Your ears up to and including the cochlea amplify and modify sound for the grey matter to deal with.
Your audiogram may show good results but your brain may not be that hot at sorting out the code (bit like my laptop).
I have seen people over the years with good hearing who have problems hearing and also I’ve seen people with lousy hearing who cope really well.
So, what does all this mean?
If you are having problems hearing, try out some hearing aids and see how you get on - if they help you, fine, if not, well at least you’ve tried. Try a couple of BTE’s with open slim tubes. Quite often the sound from the hearing aids will mask out the tinnitus as well - double whammy :slight_smile:

tommorrow is my big day :D. I go in to trial some hearing aids for the first time! since going on my new diet (glutenfree) almost 3 weeks ago and taking prednisone for a short duration my tinnitus has at the very least improved. In fact it has improved so much that I tend not dwell on it anymore through out the day which is about the best I could ask for at this point.m It may never go away completely but I think i can live happily with the current tone and volume level imbedded in my brain :). My hearing loss is another story. My high frequency seems to have improved very slightly where as my low frequency hearing loss hasn’t seemed to budge. In fact it almost seems slightly worse, but maybe that could be because of the improvement in my high frequencies i am experiencing. If the hearing aids help mask the remaining tinnitus and improve my hearing capabilities in an door settings and moderatly noisy places where things can get a bit jumbled then i can’t ask for more! I will upate you guys tomorrow on how everything goes!

Hope it all goes well for you dreamtheater. I’m one year and five months into my hearing loss and so far nothing helps. I have been told by five different audiologists that a hearing aid will not help me. My hearing is damaged, the louder the sound the louder the distortion. Music at a comfortable listening volume sounds kinda like music in my damaged ear. Turn it up and it sounds like very loud static with a hint of music sigh.

So I am hoping for good things for you! Would love to hear how it all goes with your new aids.

cheap hearing aids, I do agree with you that an audiogram isn’t the whole picture. Like my signature says “Hearing tests are done in a sound proof booth, unfortunately life isn’t lived in a sound proof booth”. My word recognition scores aren’t that horrible, had several people tell me I should try a hearing aid based on my numbers, but what the test can’t measure is how I hear in real life. A hearing aid can’t take away the way that as sounds get louder they are less recognizable as what they really are.

I have to call my otologist, this just can’t be as good as it gets for me.

Well I went to get my hearing aids yesterday :o. What a strange 3 weeks its been since going on my new diet and starting the prednisone. I believe part of my hearing loss and tinnitus is stemming from trigeminal neuralgia and other nerve problems brought on by inflammation from the celiac causing an aural pressure/pain around my cheek bones and temple area that slowly but surely seems to be subsiding bit by bit each day. The tinnitus most notably has gone down drastically especially after starting the prednisone which i have been taking now for 6 days. I even think my hearing has improved slightly :eek: too which brings me to the hearing aids.

First let me start off by saying hearing aids are some amazing technology they just don’t seem appropriate for me at this time, especially since things have improved slightly and may continue too in the near future. I also think my brain has somewhat grown accustomed to my new hearing thresholds which although weren’t bad to begin with were a major change from my original hearing. I’m glad I got to try the hearing aids out though even if for a few hours, I was able to come to the conclusion that maybe I am being a little over dramatic about my hearing loss which mind did indeed fluctuate wildly these past 5 months causing some hectic and hopeless moments.

In the end if my recovery were to stop today I’d still be relatively contempt with the progress most notably in the tinnitus my body has made and that adapting to my new hearing will become more and more natural to me in time. But I believe my body still has a little more healing to do. Anyway I just want to say thanks for the support! I’ll update again some time in the near future :slight_smile:

Aids are worth a try, but many people get NO benefit as far as relief from Tinnitus… I have catastrophic tinnitus… Debilitating.
I have Widex 440 aids with the Zen tinnitus program, and they are useless in my case, except that I can hear birds and crickets a little better… The tinnitus I have is so loud that they drown out the white noise program in the aids… badly… Same with other people I know…

However, to be fair, a lot of people DO find that aids help their T, and in some cases, is even close to a cure.
Try them, and hope for the best, you may be one of the lucky ones… bob