microTech axio st IIC

i have been trying these for30 days and have to keep going back to the hearing aid place because of certain sounds that they have not been able to tweak. Peoples’ voices that are soft.
If I turn the volume up, everything is loud. I only need to hear people voices and not background. It has 4 memory channels for background noise, but it doesn’t help the voices I need to hear.
any advice? These are too expensive to keep if they are not going to be all that I have read about them.


That’s an adjustment problem. Assuming you don’t have a really complex hearing problem, I’ve found this technology to be incredible at voice vs. background noise. Among the best in the world in fact. So if that’s not what you’re getting, I question how well they have been adjusted or if they are functioning properly.

i am wondering if the people at the hearing place where I bought them is educated to know how to adjust and use the technology. do you wear them? i am getting frustrated. any suggestions on who to go to? thanks

Micro Tech aids are a Starkey brand. The Axio ST Series is the same as the S Series iQ.

I would call Starkey at (800) 328-8692 and ask about a nearby Micro Tech dealer. I am not sure whether a Starkey dealer could program your aids.

I am currently trying Micro Tech Axio ST 32 (S Series iQ 11) CIC aids. Starkey referred me to my professional.

I hope this helps.

Help! I’m confused. I thought the only Micro Tech IIC style was with the MicroLens. Seems the smallest style available for the microTech axio st is CIC. What am I missing?

I believe you are correct. The original poster likely has CIC aids.That’s the style of my Axio ST 32 aids.

I think I now have a better understanding of these Micro Tech aids. Seems that the technology used in the Aixo 32 ST is exactly the same as that used in the Mobility and MicroLens. The Mobility has wireless and the MicroLens style is IIC (of course without wireless). When the fitter is setting these up the screen is for Aixo 32 ST.

As an aside, I’ve been trialing the MicroLens for about three weeks. It just doesn’t have enough power for my hearing loss. I’m sending them back and will have them fix me up with Axio 32 ST with ITE style. Should give me plenty of head room and I expect all the bells and whistles to perform as with the MicroLens. Performance (not vanity) is the only issue.

The Micro Tech Mobility is the Starkey Wi. They add wireless features to the Axio ST / S Series iQ aids, but they are only available in the RIC style. The MicroLens / SoundLens is the IIC aid for Micro Tech and Starkey. They may have the same features, but I am not sure of that.

I have the Axio ST 32 CIC aids and I can only adjust them with T2 phone programming to change volume or programs. That is extremely inconvenient, but that is what I have now. The ITC style may have a programming button, depending on how they are ordered.