MicroPower moisture problem

Just got MicroPower IXs. They are still on trial and I’m learning they can’t handle a little bit of perspiration. Does anyone know of a comparable aid for a severe to profound hearing loss that is water resistant? The only one I can find is the Siemens Centra Active, and as far as I can tell it doesn’t have a telecoil. I work in an office, so I need aids that work well with a telephone. Thanks for any suggestions.


I have personally never had a moisture problem with the Micropowers and we are in a hot humid climate here in Hawaii.

Do you find that they completely shut off when you sweat? Also, does this occur on both sides?

Please let us know.

There are not very many other options out there with moisture protection and telecoil together in a mini BTE product. The Sonic Ion 200 has great moisture protection, but no telecoil built in. It appears Sonic may have such an instrument in the fall.

Hope this helps you out.

Look at :http://www.vanbenterprises.com/index.htm


I used them before and I must warn against them. They will hold out moisture initially, but they are cloth so they retain moisture. they are up against the hearing aid so they will hold moisture next to the hearing aid…the worst thing you can do. I would use a product called super seals. they are a rubber cover for hearing aids. they can be a pain to put on, but will protect against moisture. Sweat bands are a good idea except that cloth is not the answer!

That is my 2 cents.


I recently purchased MicroPowers and noticed that one went out prematurely. I changed battery thinking I had a bad one and the new one went out within a few minutes. I was playing golf and here in Texas it is in the mid 90s and very humid this time of year. I know I was sweating pretty good but this never happened with my old Siemens Infinity BTEs in the last four years of so that I have owned them. I can only assume the micros are much more sensitive to moisture. When I returned from my golf outing I placed them in my “Dry and Store” appliance and all was well the next day. If this happens again I will simply have to bring along my Siemens as back ups.

I’m in New Mexico. It’s often hot, but not usually humid. Yes, it’s both aids, and yes they turn off. I’ve been wearing Phonak analog aids for 11 years now and I do sweat heavily so I know when not to wear aids. In two of the three instances I have had I was just sitting on the patio in the evening. Yes, it was hot, but I wasn’t doing anything to work up a sweat, just perspiring a little from the heat.

Okay, too much information. The point is, I’ve been wearing aids for years and I know the difference between a little perspiration and heavy sweating. My old aids would not have shut down at this level of perspiration. After the first couple of episodes where I replaced the batteries three times per aid before switching back to the old aids, I learned that if I wipe off the moisture from the battery, I can reinstall it and the aid works again, for a while anyway. Each time it happens there is visible moisture on the aid.

I haven’t tried hearing aid sweat bands, but I do have the latex prophylactics. In both cases the protective device would cover the second microphone which defeats the technology of these high dollar aids.

I rely on my hearing aids and can’t afford to have them missing in action because it’s a hot day, or we had a light rain. There must be something I can do, or some other aid I can try. Thank you.


I forgot to mention that I am effectively on my second set of aids in this trial. Due to a clerical error the first set was not in the color that I had ordered, so at the 2 week follow up visit I received replacements in the proper color. After a 2 hour drive home in an air conditioned car I was sitting on the patio in the heat. Within an hour the new ones (both of them) shut down with a battery warning. That makes four for four. This is not a single, defective aid situation.