Microphone levels on Phonak Compilot II

You know how, on any phone call, you get a little bit of your own voice back in the earpiece? With the Compilot II this seems extreme. The onboard mic seems very hot, picking up every movement. I tried the Phonak lapel mic and it works OK, much less hot, maybe too low. So I tried a third party lapel mic and it works well, and my voice sounds better to callers, not like I’m on a speakerphone, but I’m getting a lot of my own voice back in the hearing aids.

Is anything about the mic levels of the Compilot II adjustable?

Yes, the sound of your own voice during phone calls can be lowered, raised, or turned off entirely. It’s an option on the ComPilot that your audi can adjust for you.


Thank you!..

I know that problem. I have used and replaced multiple Compilots. Every time the issue comes back to a setting that your audi has to make. You need to uncheck “enable own voice”. That does the trick. Works every time.

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I had to set my ComPilot to -6 dB otherwise I picked up every movement like rustling on my chest.