Microcurrent therapy did not help hearing loss


I spent 3000 pounds on microcurrent treatment of my partial hearing loss. After I do my audio test again It is even worsen by 20 db. I wasted my money hoping to get a full recovery but it is useless.


What made you think it might help?

There r u tube videos testimonials, demos from therapist and patient going through microcurrent therapy and recover some hearing. Google “microcurrent hearing loss” and u will see. I cannot post the urls here and It may be legal issues.

Therapist told me very confidently that I will have a good chance of total recovery and it will kick off regeneration process. And obviously not the case.

When electricity became popular there were many quack devices produced that claimed to cure anything and everything. A couple showed up on Antiques Road Show. This one may make it on in 50 years or so.

When I first showed up here, gene therapy was the rage. You had to go to Thailand. And it was more bucks. That has gone quiet.

Take a look for any papers on micro-electric. They may be a basis for turning your loss over to an attorney/solicitor.

I’m sorry this happened to you. This sort of thing infuriates me. There is zero evidence that microcurrent therapy has any effect on hearing.

I would agree with Ken about looking into legal action if you have the means. I wonder if you could get them under false advertizing.


I ran across the Navajo hearing loss remedy today. If I mention it here, no-one’s going to actually try it are they? It amazes me what some people (who aren’t actually starving) will do for money.

There is also energy healing as well. I almost give it a try. But then I research on this topic and don’t think it helps. The main reason being how can ear hair cell regrow when scientist tells us the cell can’t regrow.

That would be the same lie about the microcurrent that the therapist promised to regain hearing for cells to regrow.

There are new and promising treatments for restoring hair cells undergoing human trials right now. Google ‘Frequency Therapeutics’ and ‘Regain Hearing Project’. Just don’t listen to any more snake oil salesmen.

Always do research and call a doctor before plopping you money down on some medical treatment you see on Youtube. Most are nothing more than snake oil salesmen and now with the internet they don’t have to stand on the back of a wagon and hawk their quackery. It’s also a lot easier to get other people (friends, family) to go on and give testimonials. If your loss is sensorineural than electricity is going to do nothing to stimulate the hairs in your middle ear to start working again because they are gone. Your only hope is gene or stem cell therapy and that is probably years if not decades away.

I just came across this url. Looks reliable. A little bit of hope…drug treatment…

That’s Frequency Therapeutics. Late last year they successfully completed a phase 1 clinical study in Australia. The names mentioned in the page you linked to are some of the biggest names in bio-engineering in the world. So yes, it’s legitimate research.