Micro-Tech Radius 12

I have been wearing analog hearing aids for a long time and have moderate + hearing loss in the high frequencies. Hearing soft spoken people is most difficult. My audiologist is recommending the Micro-Tech Radius 12 BTE with a closed fit ear mold. Are these HA very good? Are they the same as the 1200 made by Starkey?

Hi. I’ve been wearing a single analog HA for many years and about 2 months ago, I started wearing 2 Micro-Tech Radius 12 BTE units. The difference is unbelivable. I have VERY severe hearing loss and the difference between analog and digital is like night versus day. I hear things that I never heard before and since it is a programmable HA, I don’t hear all of the surrounding noises in a restaurant like I did before. Everything is much sharper and clearer and I’m not struggling to understand people. I think you’ll be very happy with the MicroTech. And yes, I think that Starkey and MicroTech are one and the same.

Micro-Tech and Starkey are one in the same. Except for the price;) , from what I understand. Howie

true, same company