Micro Savia Art vs Audeo

Hello all. I have a moderate high frequency loss, and 80% speech recognition in one ear ( that has tinnitus). I have just been fitted with my first aide, a Phonak micro savia art, with remote control. In a few weeks, I am to try the Audeo model. Any comments on differences between these two units, and suggestions as to what I should look out for. Many thanks.

They are essentially the same, with the exception of the easyphone option avialable on the Micro Savia ART CRT, which is not an option on Audeo IX.

Audeo’s have a more horizontal directional microphone setup, which theoretically should provide slightly better hearing in noise.

Both are great hearing aids…the Audeo’s look a little “cooler” though.

the Audeo is a newer instrument, it was launch not long ago. During the AAA, less than 6 month ago. Being such a novel instrument, it has some insteresting features that most instruments do not have. For example, self learning is not present in most instrument (exception i believe Siemens Centra and Oticon Epoq). If we compare Audeo vs Pulse or Delta or Brite, you would fine more features…

Admin is corrected, the desing and the microphone placement should in theory
provide superior noise reduction…

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