Miami Hearing with Bryan Adams

Part of New Generation’s Miami Hearing Centers goals is to include informative understanding of hearing health education to all Florida residents those who are hard of hearing and those who have hearing like a bat. That is why New Generation is part of Hear the World, a program by Phonak. Hear the World is an organization that provides awareness of hearing education through news, events, research and their many celebrity ambassadors.
New Generations pick of the week is Bryan Adams. Bryan Adams is the Canadian born rock singer who has graced us with hits like “Straight From the Heart” and “Have You Ever Really Loved a Women”. He has won multiple awards and has placed in the Billboard top 100 multiple times.
A few questions that Hear the World asked Adams included what his motivation to participate in Hear the world, what sounds did he find inspiring, what would he miss most if he weren’t able to hear and what was his experience like to photograph someone like Placido Domingo. A former New Generation ambassador. To read the rest of the interview visit the Hear the World site.