MFI streaming question

I have an iPhone 7 plus on the latest iOS 11.3.1 paired with my OPN 1. Once in awhile I would just simply not get audio steamed to my OPN 1 anymore from the phone even though the phone is connected with the OPN just fine and I can make program and volume changes OK via the MFI controls. It’s just that if I play an audio app like iTunes or YouTube video the sound gets routed through the speakers instead.

It doesn’t matter if I have the call or media audio routing set to automatic or always hearing devices. It always routes to the speakers.

I’ve also had instances where it would only stream to one OPN but not the other.

This would happen for awhile (like several days), then all of a sudden it started working properly again. No amount of rebooting the iPhone or forgetting the OPN pairing and rebooting the OPN and repairing would seem to help.

If I tried out connecting my OPN to a different iPhone or my iPad, things would work OK. So I would rule out the OPN being the problem here.

I’m inclined to think that my iPhone 7 is flaky for some reason because the OPN still works fine with another iPhone or iPad. But then again this iPhone 7 works just fine for everything else, so it’s hard to imagine that there’s an issue with the phone.

I thought I’d just throw this out here to see if anyone might have any idea or suggestion to try. Thanks.

I’ve considered restoring my iPhone 7 plus to original manufacturing settings, but before I’ve had to do any of that, it would start working again several days later. The issue is very intermittent.

Have you tried rebooting the OPN? I found that does the trick in reconnecting rather than repairing, rebooting the phone, etc.

Did you forget about this?

You can use the same trick to re-route sound to your HAs.

Yeah, like I mentioned, no amount of rebooting the OPN would help either

I haven’t forgotten this. There’s no little arc in the music box. But if I click on that upper right corner I do get to the audio source selection box. HOWEVER, the only option presented there is the iPhone. No OPN option is shown there.

The mystery is why the OPN can connect and pair with the iPhone but does not show up as an audio source on that iPhone. The OPN seems to work OK with my iPad and another iPhone.

iPhone 7 plus some manufacturing line has mic problem have you discovered that after 11.3.1 on phone call that person has to call very near to mic to enable to hear other end party might solving this wired our connectivity??? Not sure.

I haven’t discovered any mic problem on my iPhone 7 after the 11.3.1 update. And this issue I have started well before 11.3.1. It’s been going on line this for good 6 months already. Except that the issue would last for only a few days or a week before things started working normal again. Then it’d be another month or so before it randomly happens again.

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I had this issue with my Linx3D.

Do you have the hearing aids simultaneously paired to multiple Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, etc)? If so, the issue is that the hearing aids are paired to something else. I had this with my iPhone. I realized it only happened when I was also in range of my iPad. Try turning off Bluetooth on all other devices and I bet the issue goes away.


Not really. I made sure that my iPad is not pained with my OPN and the only thing paired with the OPN is my iPhone 7 and I still have the issue. Even with Bluetooth off on my iPad and the OPN is not even paired with the iPad, it’s still not streaming from my iPhone to the OPN although it’s connected between the iPhone and the OPN.

My purely lay impression is that wireless technology is inherently glitchy and to be expected. It is surprising that a reboot of phone and hearing aids doesn’t fix it though as I would expect it to be some software issue. Have you contacted Apple and Oticon?

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No, although it’s consistently reproducible while the issue is going on, the issue is not persistent for a very long time so I’d already know what Oticon’s and Apple’s answer is going to be.

Oticon is going to blame it on my iPhone simply because the OPN streams fine with my iPad and another iPhone that I have available for testing purposes.

Apple simply is going to tell me to take it into a store to be looked at after the precursory instruction to reboot, etc, and because my iPhone has already passed the warranty period, one of those geniuses at the store simply will tell me to try to restore to default settings first and see what happens. If that doesn’t help, I’d have to turn it in for repair at my expense.

But based on my experience, after several days, the issue usually goes away by itself, not worth doing a complete restore to defaults, and also thereby confirming that it’s some kind of software glitch based due to something specific to the software configurations of my iPhone. Maybe a dirty app I have is messing with it, who knows?

The issue has been going on for a couple of days and today I’m able to get streaming re-established on my right OPN, although the left OPN is still not receiving streamed audio even though it connects just fine. This has also been part of the experience. Sometimes neither OPNs would get the streaming audio, other times, only one would. Then hopefully, after a few days or a week or two, finally both would receive streaming audio again.

This has been happening several times now to me for the last 6 months or so. I’ve been tempted to pose this question on this forum before but before I get around to do it, the issue resolved itself. But this time I’ve had enough and that’s why I posted the question here to the forum to see if anybody else might have experienced the same thing I do or not.

Thanks for everyone’s responses so far!

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Just to throw another twist to this whole thing, now that my iPhone 7 is streaming to the right HA only, I got curious and started re-pairing and connected both OPNs to my iPad again. Then I’d be streaming audio from my iPhone to my right OPN (left OPN still not streamed), then I started playing audio on my iPad simultaneously.

Guess what happens? The iPhone audio continues to stream to the right OPN, and the iPad audio started streaming to the left OPN, simultaneously! I would hear BOTH audios from both devices at the same time, independently.

If I stop streaming from both my iPhone and iPad, turn off BT from the iPhone, then play the iPad, now both the left AND right OPN receives the streaming from the iPad.

If I did it the other way around, stop streaming from both, turn off BT from the iPad (leave the iPhone BT on), then play the iPhone, still only the right OPN would receive the streaming audio from the iPhone.

I don’t know if my comment will help you but I seem to more or less have found a solution to the problem with frequent distortion when streaming between my KS8 and my phone. THERE HAS BEEN AN INTERFERANCE BETWEEN BLUETOOTH AND WIFI. If I turn off the wifi the streaming works much better. This is the case when I stream between my KS8 and my iPhone and also when I stream between my KS8 and my S7 android (with a dongle round my neck).
Good Luck

Well I’m happy to report that today I finally am able to get my iPhone 7 plus to stream to both of my OPNs.

To summarize, it was streaming to neither OPN, then a day later it started streaming to one OPN, then yesterday ( a few days later) it stopped streaming to either, then today it started streaming to both.

Hopefully it’ll stay this way for a while. But mystery is not solved by any means.

I’m curious as to where the battery changes were in this sequence.

I have experienced the stream to one and not the other and always considered it a low battery. Low enough to stop streaming but plenty of power for basic hearing aid functions. I have no objective proof for any of this just my assumptions at the time and the problem resolved with a new battery although your elaborate description makes me doubt myself.

Yeah, I’ve considered the possibility of a low battery, too. However, just the fact that I can get the iPad to stream OK to the OPNs but not my iPhone 7 on the same set of battery pretty much rules out the problem being low batteries already. And I still have a problem with the iPhone 7 not streaming even though it’s connected to the OPN and showing full battery on the indicators.