MFi Drop outs


I am a newbie and am still in a Trial period with Oticon Syia HAs. I’m having a lot of trouble with MFi drop outs. The dropouts are entirely random and I have tried many different things: some suggested by the Audiologist, others by Oticon and some of my own ideas. Nothing seems to work. I have been given a replacement pair, but the drop outs persist. The only way to correct things is to have the jPod forget the aids, shut down the iPod, restart it and reconnect the aids. Easy to do, but can be a real nuisance when I have to do it continually. My iPod touch is version 6 and has the latest iOS (12.1.1).

Has anyone had a similar experience with Oticon HAs, or can offer some advice?


The older cousin of the Syiaused to have a lot of connectivity issues until the latest firmware 6 upgrade. Make sure you’re on the latest Syia firmware version.


I have just gotten my Oticon OPN aids two days ago and I have had mine to drop a couple times. I have the iPhone 7 Plus with the latest update my aids will drop one of the aids but does reconnect. I had the Oticon streamer in the past and it also dropped at times. I believe it is and issue that Apple has and not Oticon

I do have firmware 6 on my aids


Yes, likewise, I have the latest firmware v6.

Interesting that you suggest it is an Apple problem rather than Oticon issue. There just doesn’t seem to be anything we can do from the HAs end of things.

I have sent a detailed account of the problem to Oticon but other than a ‘thank you’ I haven’t heard anything back as yet.


I have had no major issues with my KS6 and lPhone 6. Occasionally only one aid connects at the start of a phone call but it reconnnects.


Oranges to apples: I have Starkey Halo’s (older models) and iPhone. I tend to have the phone clipped to my belt over my right hip. Sometimes, streaming or telcall, the left HA will cut out. If I move the phone closer to the front or to the left side it reconnects. The crazy thing is, I can be in another room from my phone but it will still ring in my HA’s. On a few occasions (rarely) it does not connect when I put the HA’s in. Usually, I can turn blue tooth off and on to pair them.


@hjhibberd1 Are they dropping out while streaming audio, or are they losing the connection to your iPad/iPod touch in general?

I have a pair of Oticon OPN 1 miniRITE-T with firmware version 5.16 with a Nokia 7 Plus (all updates installed to this date), and the bluetooth connection there is rock solid, but ofc with no audio streaming.


I am going to update my findings it seems to be only an issue with my OPN1s when both my IPhone and IPad are close together and when I am streaming from the TV connect. The issue seems to be the fact that I have my iPhone set to send all notifications to my hearing aids and that will cause a connection to drop between my aids and the TV connect. I have also had it to happen is I am streaming music from my phone or iPad and some type of notification comes to my iPhone such as an email or text message


The drop outs always occur whilst streaming audio (music, audiobooks, podcasts).

I tend to listen for long periods of time (1 to 4 hours). the drop outs can take place anywhere within that period, but once it starts they will reconnect and then begin a process of dropping out every few minutes. As I said earlier, the only way to fix the problem is the have the iPod forget the aids, shut down the iPod, restart the iPod and then pair them again and connect. A tedious process when it happens frequently and at any time. It’s like having to reboot your laptop at random intervals.


Okay then.

I have have some experience with bluetooth streaming, but no experience with streaming audio to hearing aids on apple devices.

I know that the latests updates of iOS may work worse for some bluetooth devices than others, so it might be better to wait a few weeks before updating when a update comes out.

Do you have problems with streaming audio to any other bluetooth device from your iPod?


Like I have said my issue only seems to happen when multiple devices compete to send signals to the hearing aids or streamer


I think there are a few other threads on this topic. My experience: OPN1s: Firmware update a couple of months ago. Paired to iPhone 7. I frequently use for sometimes-long conference calls (BTW, much clearer than my landline with amplified binaural headphones). Dropouts unaffected by firmware update. Average maybe once every 30-45 min, last for maybe 10-15 sec, always one side only (but can be either ear). Absolutely random, i.e., don’t seem to be affected by anything. I can live with them.


Thanks Emil.

That makes sense. I’ll discus it with my Audiologist, but I think I’ll do as you suggest.

Regarding Bluetooth. Yes I have a Jabra Classic and it works fine. Normal Bluetooth not a problem just MFi.