Mfi devices for communication to HAs

I use KS8 hearing aids, which use MFI to connect to my IPad. It works very well. I have been trying to find other devices which can convert the audio from my TV to MFI. Is anyone award of such a device?

The Oticon TV connect connects to the TV and directly to the aids

I can use it even if my hearing aids are not Oticon?

No you would have to get use the TV connect device from your hearing aid company

From what I have been able to read the Oticon connect only works with Oticon hearing aids. My aids are Costco KS8s (which have MFI capability). I am looking for a device which will convert my to TV audio to MFI. Does anyone know of a device that will do that for the KS8s?

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Costco used to sell this box to stream TV wirelessly to the KS8 aids. Don’t know if they would still sell it or not.

Smart Transmitter 2.4

Alternately they may sell the similar or possibly identical product for the Rexton Adore Li product they still carry. I don’t know if this product uses MFi and BLE. They would have to qualify it under the Apple licencing system, and I do not see that claimed. It may use Classic Bluetooth. The pairing method they describe in that manual does suggest it is pairing to both aids though. It may use Classic Bluetooth to pair independently to each aid. Just guessing.

I have been using my KS8s with my IPad with good success, but I have recently had an issue where the audio stops in one aid (in my case the right aid) and then starts up again. Has anyone else had this issue. Putting in new batteries does not solve the problem.

That will happen to me with my OPN1 ITE hearing aids, if I have them paired to more than 1 device at a time. Say a Iphone and iPad. Or in some cases my iphone, and my connect clip connected to my home phone connect.

The Phonak Audeo M aids will also do this when the TV connector is on, the phone is connected and also the iPad are connected all at one time. By turning the Bluetooth off on the iPad the issue went away.

I have them only paired with the iPad. I use android phone with no other accessories.