Metal piece behind wax guard on Phonak cShell unglued


I have Phonak RITE / RIC / CRT (Audeo YES) hearing aids and I use the cShell which uses the wax guard. Well, when you put on or take off the wax guard (replace it with a new one), you will see a metal backing that the wax guard goes on to.

It’s become unglued so that the wax guard sticks to it and unfortunately since the metal piece is unglued, it’s hard to get the wax guard off of the metal piece.

Does this mean I need to send it to my audiologist to be reglued?

Please share your experience.

Thank you!

The metal grommet in my cShell has come out several times. My audiologist has glued it back in a couple of times, but had Phonak replace the grommet twice. This was only a problem with the left mold. For a while I went without the grommet and the wax trap with no problem (my audiologist said the cShell was easy to clean). The grommet has stayed in place since the last visit to Phonak.