Menieres Disease Testing

I have been battling bouts of vertigo for a few years now. There are times that it is so bad that I can feel my eyes twitching and will act like a typewriter. They will twitch one direction and then slide off the other way. My ENT said it was most likely Ménière’s disease and tested me for it. After doing all of the testing, my ENT told me because my hearing is so bad they couldn’t say 100% I have Ménière’s disease. Is there any truth in that?

Not true. I have menieres disease. It caused me to lose most of the hearing in my left ear.

Sorry if I wasn’t clear. My left ear is extremely bad and that is why they said they couldn’t say for sure.

I had a bout of Vertigo several years ago. After my regular physician couldn’t find any underlying cause he sent me to a neurologist who within about 15 min. diagnosed it as a problem with crystals in the ear. The neurologist sent me for Outpatient Vestibular Rehabilitation. Prior ot starting treatment I had to wear goggles that totally blacked out my ability to see but the goggles had infrared cameras that allowed them to watch my eye movement. As soon as they saw the twitching … they confirmed it was the crystals and I was treated for that and cured … very quickly. Everyone is different but good luck with how you proceed. John

Menieres disease consist of extreme vertigo, rapid eye movement ,not being able to walk, have to crawl to bathroom to throw up, room spinning. Ent can induce drop attack. One method is pouring warm water in affected ear. Research it on the internet.

Thank you for the responses. I do know the symptoms and have researched a lot on it. I was in my ENT office with an attack of severe vertigo. That is why they tested me for Meniere’s disease. The test wasn’t 100% conclusive and that is when they told me that if the hearing is to poor they cant always get the results. Hence the reason I am asking here.

Are you on any medicine for menieres disease?

I also have Meniere’s, since 1998. I have had the Re Sound linx, and will be getting be aid in December, not sure what i try next.

The twitching sounds pretty definitive based on what someone said above, but what do I know? Also, wonder if anyone has bees subjected to the Epley maneuver. It looks very interesting. I don’t think it’s something you should do on your own, but here is a video.

I haven’t been officially diagnosed with meniere’s but I do have periodic vertigo episodes of varying degrees. I have used bppv to help stop the room from spinning many times. Used this one by dr jo: I started lying on the floor initially as she suggested. In some of the stronger episodes all I could do was lay down anyway. For milder ones I adapted it to sitting in a chair. Flying triggers some of the milder ones for me although these “mild” ones can leave me nauseous for days. I started doing these exercises in my seat as soon as the plane landed and it helps it stop them much quicker.