Meniere's disease: Sounds not balanced from ear to ear

Anyone else on here have it? I bought marvel 70rs back in Jan. They worked great until about a month ago. Then sounds were not balanced from ear to ear. Went to provider, had hearing test, she bumped left side up a little. Next day sound was better balanced. Last week, the sound in my left ear, the side with menieres disease, sounded louder. Yesterday my own voice sounded like crap. Today both aids sound a whole lot better balanced, can hear good. Do you have this problem at any time? I know menieres disease can change how you hear from time to time. Is what I described normal? It was so bad yesterday, I seriously thought about just wearing my right aid. Today it’s fine. Opinions please.

I have had it for about 40 years but it only appears occasionally as severe vertigo with vomiting.
I also have mild tinnitus which has never bothered me. I guess I am lucky so far because changes in hearing from time to time have never occurred.
This is my basic reference:

I’ve got Menieres, hearing loss and tinnitus. What you are experiencing right now are normal symptoms of Menieres! One day you may hear great out of your left ear and the next, not so well. There is really not much you can do except adjust each ear on a daily basis. I have the Oticon S1 and the app they have gives me the ability to adjust the volume to each ear separately.


I can adjust my aids individually, does not help. Still sounds unbalanced. Thanks

I have it too. My right ear has “good” and “bad” hearing days on top of my overall hearing loss. When my ear feels “full”, I notice that everything sounds distorted. My ENT says that its a part of it. My audi has a an alternate program in my M90’s for the “full” days that I can switch to if need be.

I can set custom programs on my Marvels, doesn’t help.