Meniere's Disease/Digital Hearing Aids

I was recently diagnosed with Meniere’s. When I’m not having an attack, my hearing is in the mild loss range. During attacks, I’m in the moderate range in my low frequencies. I was told that a CIC aid would not provide enough gain as my hearing deteriorates and that I would need a BTE.

Would digital be best for me? I’m 34, mom of a toddler, teacher and pretty active. What type would be best?

Can you really hide the BTEs? I know that sounds vain, but I’ll be honest, I don’t want anyone to know they’re there.

Suggestions? Thoughts?

menier Clients are difficult clients… I would suggest a BTE ofr sure… The mini Bte are quite cosmetic and cool… get them with some sort of Volume control or remote control for volume… Get an experience audi


I mean difficult losses to work with

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I was diagnosed with Meniere’s disease three years ago and have significant hearing loss in the affected (left) ear. I am now getting a hearing aid for the left ear. My audiologist has reccomended a BTE, and that is what I will be getting. Appearance is not my main concern, but I don’t want something that is extremely obvious. The size and appearance of the BTE unit was pretty surprising to me. The HA that I have ordered is the Siemens Centra Active. I was surprised by how small the unit was when I saw it at the audiologists. Since I wear glasses it, blends well with the end of the eyeglass temple.

I’ll be getting my new hearing aid in two weeks, and am really looking forward to it. I never thought that I could get this excited about getting a hearing aid.

you life would change…

because you have menier disease you might need a lot of fine tuning

make sure you get free adjustment…


Thanks for the feedback. I’m already set up with two follow-up appointments to fine tune my hearing aid. I’m purchasing it through the audiologist who’s in the same office as the ENT doctor who’s treating my Menieres. I may have been able to save a few bucks by going somewhere else, but I like my ENT very much and want to keep my treatment within the same group for better communication and between the doctor and audiologist.

often time, as you know when you get menier episodes your hearing completly changes, and you might need fine tuning and audiogram as if you where
getting hearing aids for the first time, therefore- make sure to pay or get
a bundle with audiograms and finetuning free of charge for x amount of time…

It is also important to be aware that clients with meniere disease have lower speech discrimination and therefore, often time they feel the hearing aids do not provide enough benefits… Make sure to address realistic expectations with your audi

I’m not sure I agree with the advice you’ve been given. These days a CIC can produce a formidable output, coping with some pretty serious losses. But I would suggest a volume control and multi memory options so that during changes in your hearing, you have some kinds of user control over it.

As for digital being right, it’s the only option these days. It’s like saying, should I buy an iPod or a cassette player.

There is no question that BTEs are capable of more power though, and have several advantages. These days they are lot smaller than they used to be. Woman can easily hide them with a few wisps of hair over the aid and the ear itself.

you might be thinking of a Nitro, 70db in a cic is pretty strong…
im wondering about their performance in real life

Actually I was thinking of a CIC Starkey has been beta testing. Although even their publicly released CICs can get to 55dB of usable gain without too much trouble these days.

still Siemens claim to have 70 db power for their Nitro
perhaps they are on to something…

Siemens has the #1 share in the work an a bundle of resources put on RD
to develop this products…