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I’m waiting for the Kirkland 1.0 Hearing Aid Phone.


The early ones were good. Very robust, worked ok. But expectations changed. They couldn’t display HTML mail, only plain text. Web browsing was slow and the pages were rearranged for a tiny screen. One model had a very curved design, like a cake of soap, that was extremely easy to drop.

Then we got colour screens, but charging ports that broke. First they repaired them quickly. Then they started blaming us for breaking them, then they ran out of parts to fix them!

The first touch screens easily activated the ringer muting as you slid them into your pocket. We discovered that the first day we had them. How can stuff like that get past testing?

The keyboards made them very vulnerable to water damage, the bigger and bigger screens were very vulnerable to cracking.

I didn’t want to go through the pain of changing over to iPhones (which used a massive amount of our mobile data pool from day one), but the users said no more Blackberries.


This was my first phone. :slight_smile: It got stolen. I went through 3 other flips from them and then found a Palm flip phone from Samsung that was my introduction to a smartphone. Then I learned about hotspot where I dabbled in Android. Then I found the new Blackberry with their last OS. Been with it since. So yes using a 5 year old tech phone.

Hearing aids might drive me to iPhone but I just can’t do it yet. Phonak has their B-Direct’s now which opens things up more but it’s not there yet. I want HA’s that can work the phone like the B-Direct but then stereo audio from ANY bluetooth compatible source (including the phone) without an intermediate proprietary device.


Haha, Z the old Motorola brick. I had one fall off my motorcycle, the car behind me ran over it and popped the battery off. That’s it. Put it together and carried on.

I was so happy when cellular came out, I could be out on my boat and no one knew it.


Haha whahuh. My spouse had an earlier-than-mine Blackberry like pters is talking about that got run over too. It got destroyed.