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Is there a way to determine how long an individual on here has be around and how many times they have posted?


Click on your avatar and along with your audiogram you’ll see Joined followed by a date.
I don’t think there’s a way for others to see the quantity of posts made by another.
You can edit the generic blurb in your other profile if you like.


@z10user2, Thanks, yes I know about the joined date which in itself can be vague.

When I look for reviews out in the marketplace, one of the first things I do is look at the reviewers history for a clue about credibility.

Here, with a far greater degree of personal information being shared, as opposed your average sewing club, I think it would be of some value to have an idea about the person one is communicating with.

Obviously, over time, you get to know the regulars.


Hmm well maybe vague in that someone could have multiple id’s and so who knows who is who. Or get banned and come back as another id only to behave the same way and get banned again.
Other than that I think the date joined is a pretty good indicator of experience. I’m pretty new. You’re not :slight_smile:


Are you calling me old?


lol. No…just old here. Like apparently 2010 old. I’m so last year. :slight_smile:

  1. Click their avatar
  2. Click +nn More; c0
  3. Click Summary and check out their Stats;
  4. Click Activity and scroll down to their first Post, Look at the Date!
  5. Click Badges and have a look. We don’t need no stinking badges :slight_smile: c3


Well, that was very educational, thank you, pvc.


Wow. That’s great pvc thanks. And here I would have thought +13 More (in this example) was simply just badges. It’s not like it’s just right there in the same color or anything. :slight_smile:


Well now Mr. Mixer, aren’t you glad this old guy asked?:joy:


What’s a Mr. Mixer???


Seemingly coming out of the blue :slight_smile: …it’s been alleged that some geographical areas might have poorer seniors and that they’re also lousy tippers.
To which I say…then it would seem that those matters go together. If you’re poor then you might not want to tip very much. If you don’t tip very much then you might be poor.
Or something like that.


Is a Z10 not a mixer? Surely you’re not a Blackberry user.:grin:


Don’t call me Shirley :slight_smile:
I am a dedicated Blackberry user. Sucks I know. But here I am. I would continue to maintain that it is superior technology. They just lost. Big. But it still does everything I need it to do. Until I might really just have to have all sound-source connectivity to HA’s come the day.
I still don’t know what a Z10 mixer is.


Z10, ZED 10 same only different
I thought you were one of the musical people on here.


Cool. Nope. I’m actually using the old flagship Z30 now but my old Z10 still works perfectly fine.
There’s a built-in Android runtime that lets me install and run Android programs but that’s getting harder now what with it being Android 4 or something.
The browser is hitting a few odd sites that won’t work properly.
Texting emoji’s doesn’t transfer to my spouses iphone but I get them in mine.
But other than that it still works as well as it should. Just showing its age.


Do you have a Betamax video recorder too? :blush:


Lol. No. At the time I went VHS. And no I no longer use a tape recorder. And my satellite dvr shows the correct time too.


Maybe, but we used them at work (about 80 of them) from about 2005 to 2013, and I could tell you some design and support horror stories that would have hurried their demise if other people had the same problems.


Interesting. I was a late-comer to Blackberry. 2013 when their last OS came out on the Z10. Prior versions didn’t seem to capture my interest.
Now they brand Android phones. But even that is falling by the wayside. I might’ve been interested in a Microsoft phone but MS seems to have abandoned that too.