Medicare Plans 2020 & Hearing Aids

Can someone post a listing of which plans offer a hearing aid benefit & what the benefits are? Since it’s open enrollment now, it seems to me that any health care plan that offers a good hearing aid benefit that company would see a surge in enrollments.

You can do that on the Medicare Compare Plans web site

I’m in central coastal California, and some plans that show for me are only in selected California counties, not even the entire state. Most plans are not available nationwide. I see advertisements for plans on web sites I visit or on TV, and in checking, those are not available to me.

Best to use the link above and see what is available to you where you live. It will show you if there is additional coverage for hearing, dental, vision. You can then check the plan web site of call them for full details. Yes, it is cumbersome and takes a lot of time to sort through it, but well worth the trouble in my (not so humble) opinion.

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I’ve tried that and it is cumbersome, limit search to your county, look for hearing benefit but not all of those cover aids. When you find aid coverage compare premiums. I found many that do provide some coverage for aids have a higher premium and when calculated… it’s about the same as the aid benefit. So lots of work.

I am hitting the big 65 next year. Starting the research issue of MediCare and the questionable MediCare Advatage issue. It appears different states and even different counties offer different insurance programs. That sure makes it difficult.

From my little bit of looking I would say that each person needs to really spend some time researching MediCare before making any decisions. Each of us has different needs and financial issues.


I’m leaving MediCare Advantage and going to Traditional Medicare and getting a prescription drug plan [Silver Script Choice]. Everyone needs to do their homework for their best interest. It’s far from easy. Go to and research there first and give them a call.