Medicare Part C (Advantage) Plans, HA Coverage type?

I’ll be starting research for an Advantage plan soon, how do they typically provide HA coverage?

Do they give an annual allowance towards the cost HA’s or do they give you a list of HA’s to choose from?

Or does that also vary from provider to provider?



This is a pretty good thread about Medicare.

ReCoil_rob, my Advantage Plan offered hearing aid coverage this year. My plan had only one hearing aid brand called True Hearing. They were made by Signia. They seemed to be OK but not many audiologists will take this plan. In my large metropolitan area I found only 3. I had a co-pay of $699 for the regular and $999 for the premium each. I would have saved a total of about $1000. If you are near a Costco I would suggest that because they have many brands in different price ranges for you.

I did trial the true hearing but they were not any better than my 7 year-old Sonics. I think the problem was the dispenser did not have very much experience. They did pair with my iPhone.

Going to Costco Tuesday to pick up my Resound Prez8’s.

I have a Medicare advantage plan with a heathcare provider and they offer 1500 dollars toward a pair of new aids per year. Not just any Audiologist. I have to use audiologists that are in my network plan. Suppose a pair of new aids cost 4,000 dollars and l pay that amount and my healthcare provider sends me a check of 1500 dollars and my final cost is 2500. This is what l was told how the program works.

I like the Brios I get through Costco, I think I’ll ask Costco if they accept any plans.

I don’t believe Costco accepts any ins. plans. You have to buy the HA’s and submit the bill to your ins. Always check with your ins. plan to see if they will accept the bill. To the best of my knowledge a lot of them will.

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