Medical a big deal?


shrugs Audi told me she did the hearing test 3 different ways on my left side and was not happy with the results. Thus the ABR testing,I can only go by what I was told and follow through I guess. Either way, I feel a whole lot more comfortable with this Audi than the first one I had went to. It’s one of those I have to take/ or not take the suggestion of the professional and go from there. Then again your comment makes me question it all again…

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Well, were did your profile data come from, that it looks so symmetrical? I’d tend to trust the audiologist too; she must have different data.



Well, I guess it is your right to refuse medical advise if it is given. Personally I choose a reputable trusted practitioner and follow their advise. Others above have already indicated why MRIs are ordered for asymmetrical hearing loss. A reputable practitioner will explain it all to you but the treatment options for Acoustic Neuromas will depend on the imaging results combined with the effect on your hearing. You won’t have all the information without the imaging so the best treatment option would be unsure. Knowing there is no acoustic neuroma will be reassuring for most people and worth the scan.

In Australia MRIs are mostly ordered by specialists because our government subsidizes the scan costs and does not fund scans for most things by general practitioners. MRIs have been around for a long time now and are getting more common and gradually costs are coming down. They avoid radiation involved in X-ray CT scans and give very good detail.



I assume she does, I will ask for a copy of my test and see if it compares to my one posted.