Measles and hearing loss

I’m trying to figure out how I got my hearing loss. In retrospect I’m wondering if it could have been a result of having the measles when I was a little kid . I do remember I was extremely sick. So sick that I couldn’t even turn my head to puke in a bowl while I was in bed. Although, I don’t think I had brain swelling, because I don’t remember anyone ever saying anything about that.

I’m curious if anyone here has hearing loss that they know was caused by the measles?

Pretty sure my hearing loss is down to that

I have had glasses since I was very young (infant school age) and think I’ve always had some mild hearing loss, it got worse from late 20s to now in early 40s where I’m down to 40dB more or less across the board up to 3.5k then a slight slope down. SNR of 8.

I am 72 years old and I have had everyone of the child diseases. And my hearing loss did not start until I was in the Military. Now I am not saying it isn’t possible for one of them to cause hearing loss, but I can tell you down to which flight in an Air Force cargo jet that caused my hearing loss.

A lot of deaf people I know from work all claim they lost their hearing at a young age due to scarlet fever. When I was first diagnosed with a hearing loss back around 1960 the prevailing theory was it was due to a childhood illness. It was never specified what illness and it turned out not to be true, for me at least. But it wasn’t an uncommon occurrence before vaccinations came out. But whether measles itself caused hearing loss I really couldn’t say.