Me and my hearing aids


I’ll put this here in this category because… you know… who cares. :slight_smile:

Today (Mar 28) is exactly one year since being fitted with my first hearing aids. It was the forum that pointed me to Costco. Being astounded at what my mother paid for hers elsewhere, it was an easy justification simply on price to start my hearing aid journey with the KS7’s. I am fortunate enough not to need super-duper HA’s so the KS7’s being premium in the Rexton line-up (but slightly de-featured for Costco) was fine with me.

Thanks to all the amazing long time regulars here, I’ve since learned so much.

I will be one of those that will wait for more universal connectivity. My wifes’ employee health benefits package will return in another three years. Maybe by then the future will be here. Maybe my antique Blackberry will be retired by then too.

My current thinking is towards Widex for their alleged sound quality for music with of course the primary focus on speech. But the future may very well turn out differently.

I might return to do little edits…but that’s my anniversary.


Happy first year hearing aid anniversary @z10user2. It’s always interesting to learn how other members came to own their hearing aids.

I was fortunate to get mine free for most of my life, like you I was floored by the cost of actually buying hearing aids privately after moving to the states and joined to forum in hopes to find viable solutions picking Costco’s for the same reason 1/2 the price of quotes. For me they be truly will be premium as well due to the NHS ones only ever having 1 program and volume and Tcoil. I didn’t know there was so much uh choice there actually is. I’ve learnt more from these forums than I did in 30 years from Audis

Good luck and continue to post away!!!


Hey thanks @LoubyLou. I will continue to post away. I’m not sure everyone likes to see all my posts but oh well. Maybe they’d just as soon I was just away. :slight_smile:


Definitely a positive addition to the forum!:grinning::grinning:


Hey thanks MDB. Much appreciated.
And with 2 likes on my away joke post…is that liking the thought of me being away :slight_smile:


haha no @z10user2! Just liking the positive post as @MDB said. I actually like forums where long term members are actively active with posting as means I have new things to learn or just to read. (excuse the pun) Always sad to see members leave or stop posting as always wonder what happened or if they are around lurking. I’m a bit of both I post and I’m lurking just due to wifi connectivity.


I’m curious about that too. And maybe it’s the sad one.

If I go searching for things I’ll often find a user who was here back that far and am delighted that they’re still participating.
And then I find some topics have been and gone and come back again in new threads. It’s like oh hey…look at that…long since hashed out. Whadya know.


I was also guided to Costco by this forum … 3-1/2 years ago.