MDHearingAid VOLT - Comments?

Any comments on this brand ? (Can’t seem to find it with ‘search’)

When i looked last week, they weren’t shipping that aid until this week. Now it looks like they have them in stock.

Did you get one? What do you think of it?

I tried them when I only had a minor, ageing loss. After two pair failed, I returned them because of the limited warranty. However, they were very good about all of it and I would call them a reputable company. The aid at the time is not one they are currently selling. If you have a simple, mild-to-moderate loss, I think they might work out for you. I think of them more as higher end PSAPs than hearing aids. But, that is fine for many who just need a modest amount of help. The trial period should let you figure out if they are adequate to your needs. From what I saw of their newer aids, they look to be as good an aid as you’ll find in the price range. They actually have ENT offices in the Chicago area.