Maybe not so bad afterall!


Well, I’ve had my KS 8.0’s now for a couple of months. Being new to HA’s I was not overly impressed. I mean it was like okay, but not WOW. Everyone else can see the improvement as I am not asking everyone to repeat themselves, so yes they are doing their job, I have only had one adjustment. Over the last couple of months, I’ve been able to talk to several HA wearers. Most do not even wear their HA’s anymore due to the reverberation in the correctional facility we work at. Should note, we have a mandatory hearing level to meet for employment. It was incredible after learning that these coworkers had paid 5 to 7 thousand dollars and do not even wear them!!! Other users seem to all have the same problem, reverberation and constantly adjusting microphone direction to hear speech. I was amazed that I do not have this problem at all, in fact noisy places is where the KS 8.0 shine. It doesn’t matter if it’s in a housing unit with 140 inmates or in a control room with radio traffic, buzzers and multiple phone conversations. I do have a little trouble at home in soft speech but feel an adjustment can fix that. Comfort is outstanding, battery life is still 5 days, road noise is surprisingly great, only problems with wind is if it is strong from behind, sides and front even is strong wind is non existent. Android app is okay at best. Over all maybe not so bad afterall!


I’ve never tried the KS8 but if they are anything like what I have they seem to have both good and bad about them. Actually the KS8’s are probably better that the Signia aids I have as the KS8 is listed as premium. I do find that in some areas or environments my aids can have some problems. I imagine that the areas you would be working in are filled with concrete and you would have reverb and echo all the time. I work in a hospital that has similar problems. I have a reverberant setting or program that helps to some degree but not perfect either. I use it at times but it’s hard for me to remember to change programs. I do like that this program because it removes many distracting noises but doesn’t seem to interfere with speech so I can still hear conversations. Wish there was away to have my aids automatically change programs when I get to work. Anyway I wonder if your coworkers have asked to have there aids programmed for that environment you work in. Seems to me that it should be possible and may encourage your coworker to give their aids a try again.


If you have an iPhone, it can switch the aids when you get to work. I think most brands have the feature – FAVORITES. It uses the phones location to make the change.


The problem is, there is no electronic devices allowed on the facility. Any adjustments made other than what can be made with the HA has to be set on your phone before entering. Mine have an automatic setting and you can hear them changing during the day. Before I enter the facility I do turn on more bass and automatic. Not sure if audi’s have a six month no question return like Costco, but I do know if I spend 6 thousand dollars and not happy, they are going back! My pockets are not that deep.


Well, the buttons on the aids can be set to do a variety of things. Longer press can do different thing and both sides can be set separately.


Very doubtful audis have a 6 month return period. 30-60 days is more likely. You should definitely clarify this. Also warranty and lost or stolen coverage.


“Not sure if audi’s have a six month no question return like Costco, but I do know if I spend 6 thousand dollars and not happy, they are going back!”
Not sure what to clarify as quoted? I dont know what audiologist return policy is or if it differs between them. Costco is 6 months.
There is no additional cost for loss or damage for two years at Costco. No HA insurance to buy for at least two years if you opt for it.


I meant to clarify audiologist’s return policy.


@MDB: Kirkland aids come from Costco, and yes, Costco does provide the original purchaser with a written 6-month return policy for hearing aids. Making returns of multiple different models has by some reports gotten some customers banned from further new aids from any Costco, so it’s best to behave as a good-faith customer regarding the return policy. Think Elayne on Seinfeld with different doctors having records of her as a “difficult patient” they won’t treat /heh.


I will ask about this. I can’t seem to find it but it is probably something I’m missing. I do have an IPhone and use the Signia My Control app.


I meant clarify with the non Costco audiologist what his/her policy is. Costco’s 6 month return is pretty unusual if not unique.


The ks8 aids have a clicking noise when listening to the iPhone through Bluetooth. Customer service acknowledge this and blames apple. They say Apple is working on the problem.

The sound of the aids is great for me. Might be the fitting software but really great.

One compliant is: The microphones cannot be totally muted when listening through the ipnow whether on a cal or music. Really frustrating.