May Phonak Marvel for me?


Hi I will try to keep these questions simple as I can , I have been wearing Otican Alta 2 for about 6 years and finally I can wear them with pain , however it does seem to me that I am still struggling to hear on the phone conversation it feels as though when someone speaks it takes time for my aid to process the words to get the sound to my brian and I am left trying to over concentrate to figure out what is being spoken :frowning:

So I tried the Oticon opn however they did not stay connected to my iPhone and the connection just felt like it was not really figured out technology wise however I could hear speech well , but the price and the quality from there problems with connectivity worries me so I did not purchase them now I am thinking of the New Phonak marvel probably not the top tier budget wise just wondering if my brian will accept the new way of hearing through new manufacturer and thoughts would help me out tremendously…

Have a wonderful weekend all …Shanie


I wore the Alta2 Pro for three years and am now in the Widex Evoke 440. I had no problem adapting to the change. I find the Widex 440 far superior to the Alta2 Pro, much better speech in noise, far superior for music and an app with faultless connection to my iPhoneX.


Thank you Mark that’s interesting I will check widex out I use an IPhone 8 Plus I hope to find a better experience soon


I don’t know how long ago you tried out the OPN, but with the latest firmware 6.0 (released in Q3 2018, combined with the latest iOS 12.1.4 on my iPhone 7 Plus, my OPN connection to the iPhone 7 Plus I have is pretty much rock solid. Prior to the firmware 6.0, there were connection issues, but it wasn’t that bad.


I have the OPN1s ITE custom hearing aids with the latest firmware and iPhone 7plus with the latest updates and I am not having any issues with connectivity. And I am one that pushes the limits of connectivity, I have the iPhone, iPad, TV connect, and connect clip all paired to my hearing aids, and I use them all at one point or another each and every day. My iPhone is also connected to my Jeep GC, so when I am driving I use the car system for my mic and speakers. And I also have the Apple Watch that is my hearing aid remote control most of the time. Sure I have had a little bit of a learning curve, mos of it was not having the ON app on both my iPhone and iPad, that just doesn’t work.


You should definitely try out the Marvels. Most audiologists will allow you to trial them and then you can see for yourself if they are a good fit for your needs. Phone calls and music streaming are absolutely top notch. No problems connecting to my iPhone 7 Plus and a fix is coming for the newer iPhone XS models.


I have the Opn1 and iPhone 8. With the most current iOS and Oticon firmware, I have no issues whatsoever with iPhone connectivity.


So I have a question what level do you use when it comes to the Phonak Marvel , my audiologist is great and she had told me that due to my make up I really am unable to use the highest level like say the best Marvel that they have because if I try to use all the power , it gives me a really bad headache because it just tires me out too much my hearing loss is profoundly hard to adjust to when it comes to the settings on a new hearing aid , even if I take him out and only wear them for a couple of hours she said you know I don’t think that you need The highest tier does that make any sense


That makes no sense. Power is not a function of tech level


Someone else I know, her audiologist told her because she is profoundly deaf, she will only need the Phonak B50 UP, not the Phonak B90 UP, like wtf!


I can’t speak about OPN at all as I have had Phonak aids for over 5 yrs now. I have iPhone 8 and I’ve never had a connectivity problem with them.
My hearing is worse than yours and I manage fine mostly, with Phonak Bolero, not the Marvel. I also struggled to hear on the phone and I just couldn’t hear or understand conversations. I bought a streamer and this helped immensely. I also had SR2 fully set up on my aids and this also helped a lot.


The technology level, M50, M70, M90 is totally different than the “power” or gain settings. When you get a hearing test do you press the button as soon as you hear the faintest sound, or do you wait until it gets a little louder and your are sure about the tone? If you are waiting until you are sure then you may not be getting an accurate hearing test. You should press the button as soon as you hear the faintest tone.

So if you get a good hearing test the software takes those numbers and sets up the hearing aids with a “first fit” that is the sound most people need for that level of hearing loss. Then you can ask for some adjustments to that.

It takes some time to get used to wearing hearing aids and it takes the brain some time to be able to process all the new sounds. Things do sound loud at first but your brain learns to process that over a few weeks.

So my question about the hearing test and pressing the buttons was just to make sure that you are not being over-fit because of a bad test. Otherwise, if it is a good test, then you should be able to get used to them, if you wear them all day every day.


Thank you for the detail in your comment, I agree with you on my test being accurate and also this is were my New Audiologist has come in when I first started wearing aids I wore Oticon Deltas I cried because I could hear I definitely needed more power 3 years later and my audiologist sadly died it had been a struggle fir a fit from that moment on until now …

I feel so isolated in conversation at work and with family many times though I explain I cannot understand you from a room away even if you raise your voice inside of myself it causes a low feeling for a moment then of course I have to move on I get it they or anyone would not understand what it is like for hearing impaired ones unless they were and of course I don’t wish this on anyone :blush:so this brings me to the Phonak Marvel I need a superior experience when dealing with speech … I did find a set online it sounds to good to be true though there is a 30 day return policy wondering if I should grab them … what do you think ?


To get all the benefit you will need to have them set up with the gain that your hearing test says you need.

But, if the really loud sounds are uncomfortable there is something you can do. There are three sets of gain settings on most/all new hearing aids, including the Marvels. There are settings for low sounds, medium sounds, and loud sounds and your pro can make adjustments to each of those separately.

So you could lower loud sounds and raise soft sounds. For me it is the soft voices I have trouble with, or when people trail off at the end. I can hear loud voices fine.

That adjustment might make the loud sounds more comfortable and also give you more understanding of the softer sounds.


Thank you so much for your message it means alot I did look at your audiogram and I know you know what I am talking about I am excited to try the new aids and will keep you posted if you would like …

I feel that people like us with hearing impairments tend to work hard for solutions for a better experience and overall life … may be with a couple of fits (me those poor me moments that really do not help with anything lol)


I will talk about this with my audiologist this week …
thank you …