MaxIt bluetooth loopset

Hi, I am new to this forum and have enjoyed reading about the various bluetooth options. I just have a few questions. I just ordered the MaxIt loopset and discovered that although I can hear other callers quite well with it. I cannot however hear myself. :confused: I will admit that threw me for a bit and reminded me of a time when I lost my hearing for six weeks, that was not fun. Has anyone else had this problem?

The second question is with the other loopsets that are bluetooth I think the artone is the only other one. When talking to people with it are you able to hear yourself and them or is it like the maxit and you can only hear yourself.


It sounds as if your hearing aid’s telecoil setting is set to t-coil only. Your audi may be able (depending on model of your hearing aid/s) to set it to mT with the microphone gain reduced (-3 to -6 dB) relative to the telecoil gain so that background noise (through the microphone) is less of an issue in noisy environments. I suspect this would be an issue with any bluetooth loopset.

I think hearnow is correct in that kelly’s hearing aid is set to t-coil only in the telecoil setting – but I would argue that in that case, setting it to allow some microphone input also (even if at reduced gain) would not necessarily be ideal. It sounds like what kelly wants (and what I want in similar cases) is for his/her own voice to also be transmitted to her aid via t-coil, thus eliminating as much background noise as possible. That way, you hear both sides of the conversation with minimal background noise. I can readily attest that having some microphone input enabled, even at reduced gain, usually contributes enough background noise to make conversation problematic. Even in quiet situations, the difference in volume between your own voice and the other party’s voice can be annoying with a reduced gain microphone input enabled. So while adding a reduced gain microphone input works for some, it definitely doesn’t work for everyone.

I use Phonak Perseo aids and a Smartlink with a variety of bluetooth cell phones, and though the Smartlink transmits to the hearing aid via FM, the problem is the same as kelly’s… my voice isn’t transmitted.

I have found when using silhouettes, HATIS, or other non-bluetooth loopsets that plug directly into cell phones that depending on the cell phone model, you may or may not be able to hear your own voice when using a t-coil only setting. I read an explanation of why this is on a forum a few years back, but haven’t been able to find the post since… but I think it’s similar to why only the other party’s voice is transmitted on bluetooth headsets. Yeah, vague and unhelpful, I know… it appears that cell phone manufacturers assume that bluetooth and plug-in headset users can hear their own voices, so it’s not necessary to transmit the user’s voice through the headset / bluetooth.

Very interesting. It’s good to see actual user experiences. Thank you.

I am trying to decide if buying the MaxIT or the Artone brand, so I see Kelly’s post, I have to use the phone all my shift and yes I like to hear my voice also is better since I have to talk to a lot of people and phone volume can be very different from 1 call to another, now how good the MaxIt has been working for you Kelly?.