Max hearing protection earplugs

Which earplugs have the best noise isolation? So far I tried Hearos Xtreme Protection (those blue) and Hearos Ultimate Softness. Just by looking at numbers of noise cancellation they should be pretty equal, but in fact are not. Xtreme are much better.

Can you name any other earplugs which have higher nose cancellation especially of lower frequencies?

The colour botters because everybody can see them. Are there any earplugs in natural colour but equal (or better) to Xtreme? Or can I just paint the outer side of earplug with some natural skin marker?

The best material will be a slightly oversized decent soft silicone solid plug.

I’m not sure what gets marketed in your area, but anybody making moulds for UP hearing aids will have a derivate that can be made as a solid mold.

I recently purchased the Ear Warriors (Amazon) about $20.00 and they seem to work fairly well. Comes with 2 sets of plugs both clear color so they don’t show too much. 1 set is rated at a 20db filter, the other set is supposed to be 27db.
i think I would say their not quite that.
They do however make dealing with my often encountered 100 DB job a bit more bearable and they don’t just kill the high end. Pretty even across the frequency spectrum.

Westone is a big reputable supplier of ear molds, ear plugs, etc. etc.

The official noise reduction ratings matter (because manufacturers seem to make all kinds of claims about how great their products are). More than you wanted to know, maybe, but here are the official standards, approved devices, etc.