Masking Tinnitus while social distancing

I just picked up Widex Evolve Demos. Because of the corona virus, I met my Audi in the parking lot of her building. So far I like the sound I am getting from the aids, but they are not masking my tinnitus well. Ordinarily, I’d sit down in my audiologist’s office and we would try to find the right frequency for the masker. But these are different times. Any suggestions about how I can find a website that might pinpoint the frequency of my tinnitus that I can pass on to my audiologist?

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I’ve used this one. Last I checked mine was around 8khz. Turn DOWN the volume first! Running this may exacerbate it for a time though.

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Not all tinnitus is maskable, so it’s not necessarily something your should pursue doggedly. If you can find other ways to ignore and distract, do that.

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So if I find the right frequency, would it cover the tinnitus? Mine was absolutely covered by my first pair of Oticon Delta aids. Less so, but still to a decent degree, by my Agil Pros. However, the Phonak aids did not cover it and my audi added the masker at one of my frequencies of hearing loss and all it did was add another tone as I mentioned. It is true to mention the other response, that sometimes I get another tone added to my electrical buzz. But that tone usually dissipates in a short time.

Just curious what meeting the audi in the parking lot accomplished since this virus is airborne. Not being a wise guy, just curious.

She wore a professional mask and coat. The aids I had which were new, were not functioning properly. We were out in the sunshine and stood with the exception of a few seconds six feet apart. I have assumed, maybe incorrectly, that being outdoors near someone is a lot safer than standing near them indoors. I am a senior, senior. So maybe the parking lot wasn’t wise. You can comment, kindly, please. Snark not welcome.

I would assume that would be safer too but newer info makes me wonder. I also understand your precautions. I was just curious how that worked. Thank you.

So will the tinnitus be covered up if I find its frequency and play it?

Sorry. I did see your earlier reply. I just forgot to reply back.
I’m no expert here. From what I’ve read, tinnitus therapies are anecdotal. Some methods work for some, others not. My cousin says one of the options works great. I’ve not tried any at length. I’ve dabbled with some of the utoob sound recordings but not for a while and it wasn’t like there was any immediate improvement that I noticed.
The tone generator is for finding the frequency of your tinnitus. Mine is mostly a single high pitch tone around 8khz and I also have just a general background hiss that generally dissolves into a tone anyway and along for the ride is also some further background low noise like a running motor. Very background.

Somewhere around the 'net is a collection of recordings that match what people say they hear. Some of those sounds would drive me bananas. So I kinda count myself lucky that if I gotta have tinnitus then I just have a single tone.

The best tinnitus relief is listening to the song birds

This got me thinking about how many years I have not heard song birds, at least 20 or more.
It has taken special hearing aids with special tuning but I now hear song birds again. My wife is a birding nut who has much knowledge about different types of birds. With my properly tuned aids I am also learning the sounds of different birds, pretty amazing.
My tinnitus covers frequencies from about 2000-2500 hertz up at about 100-125 dB.
Yesterday while picking up a prescription in a drive through the pharmacist wore a mask. It was impossible for me to understand her. She did pull the mask down and things got a little better for me. She was one of those tight lipped mumblers we have a tuff time with.

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you have much worse hearing loss than I do. But this morning my tinnitus woke me up at about 5:30 am, it was so loud I thought there had to be a wind storm going on outside. I put my aids in and turned on the tinnitus relief and it helps some. I did not want to wake my wife so I went out on the front porch and sat in the rocking chair. I could hear the song birds over the sound of my tinnitus relief and my tinnitus. I turned my aids just to the default program and in just a short time my tinnitus was down to a normal scream. I know my sinues are kicked into high gear with all of the spring pollen and the spring rains. But I have never had my tinnitus this bad in my life.

Try not to think about the tinnitus. Think about things you enjoy.
Quiet places are the worst for tinnitus. Try to be around noises to distract you from the tinnitus.


Normally I do not even notice my tinnitus, but the last few morning, well this week, it has been really bad in the morning. But I have never had it as bad as this morning.