Marvels and BT connectivity to an Apple computer

I got my Marvel HAs in Jan of. this year. They connect just fine to my iPhone but I am unable to connect to them to my computer whereas I am able to connect wireless BT headphones and earbuds to that same computer.

I shut them off, have the BT settings pane open, can see the spinning gearwheel indicating that the computer is searching for devices to pair, turn my HAs on, one by one, but no connection is made.

I presume they will not work with Apple computers?


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They work just fine with Apple Computers. First of all, have you had your audiologist update the firmware on your Marvels to 2.0? Once you do that you can “pair” your aids with multiple devices that support Bluetooth Classic. Then once you have it paired, it is a simple process to “connect” to each device.

I have not and I have to do that. Thanks for the reminder.