Marvel updates round 1


I’m really disappointed that Phonak didn’t address or even respond to the multiple pairing issues with this update.

They’ve been teasing updates to the Marvels, so surely this isn’t the only thing in the release. The text below in the Phonak Remote app makes me think that there is functionality missing or still coming. :disappointed:

[Additionally, for Phonak Audéo M-R (rechargeable model):

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I wonder when the update as in the following screenshot will arrive:

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Unfortunately it says ‘sources’ not ‘devices’ i.e. switching from music to audiobook not from phone to tablet.



Still waiting for M90 RT to arrive. These discussions are interesting and helpful. But, PLEASE, what is Target? Thanks.



The software used to configure (or program in widely accepted parlance) Phonak hearing aids.



Many thanks! So, the audi should have it, yes?



Yes! It’s really the only way to program Phonak Hearing aids. Each provider has their own software. Often new features in the hearing aids requires new features in the programming software in order to access the features to configure their options, update their firmware, etc. Phonak Target is the software for that. Some of us watch that software closely to see the changes that are coming or to see more details about changes.

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