Marvel remote control device vs app

For those of you who have the device and the app, how fast is the device? I saw it uses I think that’s btle so from that, I’d conclude they are equally slow.

But maybe they’re not, but I don’t have device to test, can anyone share their experience?

Speed, how responsive it is, any hiccups?

Why not just use the buttons on the aids?
Though I have found the latest app update on Android connects much faster and keeps a connection to make quick changes

Possible reasons might be dexterity issues or having one’s hands otherwise occupied, but yeah agree that buttons are great for many situations.

I’ve never liked using the Marvel app on my Audeo M50. I hate getting my phone out in public.

Believe it or not, buttons are slow.
App is even worse.

I have tv connector on completely manual, that means it ends being the last program. Since I have 3 custom ones, that means clicking to the fourth position.
And you can’t click, it has to be long click, wait for the tone to finish/program to switch, then you can do the next.

Getting the app to connect is often slower if it connects at all.

So I was wondering if I can just do 4 fast clicks on the remote instead of this whole ordeal.

And no, I don’t want tv on automatic, I don’t want things to blast in my ear if only my SO is watching, and also, I don’t want to stand up to turn on/off tv connector as a way to stop it automatically connecting.

I laugh now bc several months ago I was wondering why would anyone want a remote when there’s an app.

Button was even worse on marvels since it needed harder pressure. App was a bit better since it would connect to the aids, paradises are really buggy. Fun thing, the fastest connection time I achieve now is - outside at the open :joy: while at home I need to look at that ‘failed to connect, retry’ over and over again throughout the day. I put my hope into HA firmware update, but was told it could take months :frowning:

I still ain’t sure if I made the right call with deciding with paradises over marvels. Ok, I haven’t paid those either so I guess I can return them and ask for marvels again if I don’t figure out some fast way to program switching.

I even suspect that my phone might be too old for paradises, since they did make a new chip, so maybe marvel chip was better with my phone bt and my laptop bt :confused: better in terms of ability to connect fast, but I think call quality for the other side is a bit better with paradises…

So, back to the original question, can anyone compare the speed of the app vs the remote?

The TV connector is the biggest reason I wanted the remote. Really don’t care for the app and like Zebras don’t like pulling phone out in public.

But, you can do 3-4 quick volume down pushes on your aids and ambient sounds get loud and the TV gets very quiet if someone wants to talk to you or if a commercial comes on you don’t want to listen to.
Bump volume up a few clicks and the TV is loud again.

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I can, but that was not the reason for me asking about speed app vs remote.
But program changing. TV is and will stay manual on position 4 (check my post above). I need like 30 seconds of pushing my ear and clicking to get there. Cumbersome.
Or like 2 minutes of begging the app to connect :joy:

Ok i didn’t measure exactly. Yet. Anything more than 5 seconds is an eternity.

It’s that I want to be disconnected from tv when I don’t use it (one example, my SO plays games, and even of he uses headphones if I’m not disconnected, I’ll get the sound in HAs). My flat is big (for German terms) but still small for BT - wherever I go, I have the signal.
And programming for streaming and regular aid is different in my case. So it’s not about hearing someone, it’s about being disconnected and choosing fast what I want (also no TV is gentler on the battery).

To hear my so during streaming - fastest is to just remove ha anyway :rofl:

@Blacky I don’t know a lot about programing but my old Phonak Audéo aids were set up with no volume control (which my audi felt I did not need) so the buttons just controlled programs. I essentially had 4 the ‘standard’ program, music, telephone, and mute…switching was quick and easy. If you don’t change volume a lot perhaps have the aids set up this way.

IMHO phone apps are a very cumbersome way to control the aids for programs. In my case in order change a program via the app or mute my aids I have to get my phone, wake it up, enter my passcode, and then open the app - all before doing anything!

No, try what I said. It works great. Leave the aids connected to the TV connector and bump the volume control down a few times to get ambient sounds louder. It takes about 2 seconds to do this.

As far as remote controls, I have had a couple in the past, not the remote for the Marvels, older generations. They both worked super fast. There had volume buttons and program buttons. I would bet the Marvel remote control is super fast too. I would buy one but I am going in a different direction now.

Fascinates me how many ways to use tv connect. Mine is on auto mode and I just turn it on and off.

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Good tip, I’ve just checked and it’s indeed possible to change that in Target fitting SW. However, I do use volume up/down :rofl:

For this long click to change programs, I just measured, it takes me 15 seconds and 4 long clicks of waiting. :woman_facepalming:

Only part that annoys me is opening the app and waiting for it to connect to the aids. Since all other steps you mention I don’t even notice since I do them fast / or don’t need to do them if I’m already with phone up & running.

Again, measured, 20 seconds to open the app and get the first ‘couldn’t connect, retry’, and then 20 seconds more to do it.
So that’s 40 seconds just to open the app and being able to pick something from those programs.

My suspect is regular BT connection. Or this new feature to have 2 connections at the same time (which works once you manage to connect them).

Another test.
When I close BT streaming connection on the phone and the one to the laptop, force close the app to be sure it’s dead, then start measuring, open the app, it takes only 12 seconds to successfully connect to HAs, as opposed to at least 40 seconds when BT streaming is active.
And after app is used, then I go somewhere else and back to the app, connecting to HAs is an instant.

With Marvels it took some time (those 20 seconds), but at least they connected, without that error and retrying almost every single time.

So, they definitely messed something up with that new PRISM chip and its firmware.
Yeah, I should write to them. Maybe tomorrow. At least now I have numbers.

I understood what you mean, but it’s not working for my use case, or when SO is playing even with headphones if I don’t disconnect, I’ll still hear some of it, remember, I do have one normal ear :smiley:

Also, while in tv connector mode it has different programming than my autosense programs, so, it’s not about getting the ambient sounds, it’s about getting normal HA hearing back when I don’t want to stream something.

In any case, we shouldn’t need workarounds for such stuff, we should be able to switch those programs swiftly.

Yeah, that’s why I’m sceptic. Since I saw that marvel/paradise remote control utilises that same wifi/bt frequency, so I guess it’s air stream one, the same as tv connector.

And since aids are already crazy when I try to use app to control (so BT LE) when there’s any regular BT connection active, and it takes eternity, that’s why I was asking for real experience if someone did compare those two - remote for marvel/paradise vs app.

Things in 2020 should react in miliseconds to clicks, not needing 15, 20, 40 seconds to finally allow you to do something. That’s horrible user experience by today’s standards. It doesn’t even need network connection that could be bottleneck, so there’s really no excuse for being so damn slow.

If you could do without the ability to mute the hearing aids (long press down), you could switch between programs with a long press up or down. I do find Phonak’s use of buttons very primitive compared to what my “ancient” Rexton KS7 had. I had those set up with volume on the left and programs on the right. They even had the potential to control directionality with the buttons.

I use that. That’s what takes 15 seconds of clicking.
Mute doesn’t have to be disabled - long click on down is mute, long click on up is program switch.
If you don’t have mute, then both directions are program switch.


Phonak was also extra stupid and if you’re at autosense (step 1) and you need step 4, you have to click 4 times, no matter in which direction. It’s not circular, eg it’s not autosense (1) then last one (4) if you go backwards, nope, it’s always 1-2-3-4 then 1, but if you go with other button it’s AGAIN 1-2-3-4-1. :rofl:

And yes, it’s definitely primitive, no ability to have for example left HA for some things and right HA for another things, nope, exact copy.

I don’t think you got the point I was trying to make. If you don’t have mute, you can click both up and down among programs. If you put the programs you switch between the most next to each other, you can just click down once and return by pushing up once. OK, reread your post. I’m not sure how it works as I was thinking more how my other aids worked and can’t test now because I do have mute enabled.

Ok, tv connector is automatically added at the last position.
I have 3 custom programs.
That means, with autosense, if I want to come to TV I need to reach program 4 (being that autosense is on 0 since it has different sound anyway).

Phonak is stupid and no matter which direction you click, you’ll ALWAYS circle in 0-1-2-3-4-0, if you start with 0, no way you can go from 0 to 4 by just clicking once backwards.

Yes, if you’re at program 3 and want to go to 4 or 2, then up-down works
But from position 0 (autosense) there’s no way to getting to the last - fast.

If I put automatic or half-automatic then it will beep in my ears all the time, since I’m mostly sitting in front of the TV. I just don’t want to be connected to it if I’m not using it.

So if I’d remove all custom programs, then yes, autosense to TV would be just one long click away.

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Not sure I understood, but if you get up and turn off TV Connect, you shouldn’t have any beeping. Then if you’re watching TV, turn it on. (Promotes not sitting too long at a time too. :grinning: Works for me, but I totally agree that Phonak could give a little more thought to it’s buttons.

What I want is simple - manual tv program, fast switching between programs with buttons and not 15 seconds of clicking and waiting and fast app connection and not 40 seconds with retry.

Basically phonak has the functionality I want, it’s just painfully slow implementation.

And it’s sad if me standing up, going to the tv, turning connector on and coming back is faster than their buttons.

And no, I don’t want to stand up and walk to change program on my HA which are on my ears.

I mean, just read back through this thread and see the solutions we all proposed in order to compensate for poor UX design. It’s crazy. :joy:

I don’t have a Marvel remote control but my remote control for my B90 has a feature where you can program the home button for long press to go to a chosen program of my choice.

Would something like that help you if the Marvel remote control can have it?

I think ultimately it boils down to understanding how things work and come up with the best way that works for you. Phonak MIGHT change their interface if they get enough complaints (there was the Marvel 2.0 Firmware update which surprised me), but energies are likely better spent figuring out what works for you.