Marvel Naída Ric non Rechargeable?


I am now wearing Naída Q Ric and have been wearing Phonak for decades.
Phonak did manufacture a Naída version with the B chip but only with a rechargeable battery (Naída B R RIC).
They did manufacture a BTE version of Naída B with regular batteries. But I would not consider BTE, only RIC.

I hope that the Naída Marvel will also become available as RIC with regular batteries.
Else I will have to check worthy hearing aids from another brand.


What are your reasons for getting the Naida rather than the Audeo if you are married to the RIC? There will be a 13 version of the Audeo M coming out in a few months.


I am not married to RIC :slight_smile:
If you’ll check my audiogram in my profile, you’ll see that the Audeo is not suitable for me.


Didn’t you say you would only consider RIC?

Isn’t the fitting range of Audeo hi power similar to the naida? Look at mine. I’m doing fine with the Audeo power receiver. I can switch to hi power later if necessary.

The power receiver provides gain into the 50’s which is all I can stand.


The reason I would consider only RIC is because it just is much smaller than the BTE.
I have actually tried the Audéo Marvel 90, but the audi could not fit it for my hearing. I was not able to hear well and he could not get certain frequencies (if I remember correctly, around the 1000 and 2000 range) increased because the Target software blocked it because of the feedback (whistle).
He attempted with Adaptive Phonak, NAL-1, NAL-2 etc.

So you’re saying that it should work for me? (I hope it does, but how)


Feedback is a fit issue. Plus, you can be more aggressive with feedback manager. I have mine set to high because I would rather have a moment, or 5 seconds, of processing and limiting actual feedback than turning down the gain for all the other 17 hours, 59 minutes and 55 seconds.

I have 1.0 mm vents and feedback is not an issue at all for mine. I get no feedback.

Do you have a closed fit (custom molds or domes)?


My db gains for soft speech are from the 30’s to low 50’s


I’ve got a cShell hard.


Is it vented?


I think it is (the cshell I tried on is at the audi’s)


The UP encased receiver for the Audeo M has the same fitting range as the UP for the Naida B. And the Naida Q for that matter.

A BTE with a soft canal mold and a power slim tube is less visible than you might imagine. And offers more flexibility.


Thanks a lot, I’ll discuss it with my audi today