Marvel hearing aids--performance levels


I haven’t seen much on this. Has anybody tried different performance levels of the Marvels (30,50,70,90) and noticed much difference? Thinking a more cost effective solution may be a lower level and a Roger Select rather than going with the 90.



If you’re talking about trying out different receivers (30, 50, 70, 90) then the answer for me is NO! My audi looks at my hearing and decides how much power I’d need. Granted, the 90 receivers I have on my Marvels are like a BIG, CLUMSY matchstick in my ear canals - but that’s as good as it gets for me.

I’d be hesitant to go with a LOWER power receiver and then try to jerry-rig an optimal listening experience with a Roger Select. In theory, one could buy the lowest cost aid and then use an ear trumpet (or one’s hand cupped over the mic) to boost the volume or “power”. But why?

For me and my severe loss, saving a couple grand is not an option I’d pursue.



No, I’m not talking about different receivers. I’m talking about the different feature levels of the hearing aids. The 90 has the most features (premium level), the 70 is next (advanced level), 50 (standard) and 30 (basic) All of these different levels can be fitted with the full range of receivers. The levels have nothing to do with the power of the hearing aid–just features.

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I would expect the difference between M70 and M90 to be marginal. I do find the echo part of AutoSense 3.0 only available on M90 to be very good in situations when listening to someone on a microphone in a large open space with bad acoustics. But if you’re only in that situation very rarely, putting yourself closer to a speaker would fix that.

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I have some Phonak trial units at the moment. I first tried the M30s which were good and miles above they CICs I initially had made. I’m now trying the M70s and love them. Ive decided not to bother with the 90s as I don’t want the speech in 360 as part of Autosense as its fairly useless and I work in very noisy environments.

Over all the 70s have performed fantastically. The speech in loud noise setting allowed my to have a conversation in a noisy, crowded restaurant with a string quartet playing on the weekend with no issue.



Speech in 360° is a manual program; it’s not one of the automatic programs used by AutoSense OS. Speech in Loud Noise is manual on the M70 and automatic on the M90.

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Ah - GOT IT! I can honestly say that I’ve always gone for the super high-end top performing aids my entire life. I guess I justify that expense with my level of hearing loss. It would be ironic if the performance of lower cost models matched the ones I buy! I’m definitely throwing all my chips in one basket tho…



There was a previous post quite some time ago that somebody brought up the idea of a 70 level Phonak (likely V70) with a Roger Pen versus 90 level. An audiologist responded pretty strongly that the 70 with Roger Pen would outperform. I was trying to get an idea if it might be worthwhile to go even lower. I guess with the trial versions of the Marvels I can see for myself!

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I have the ITC V70 and a RIC B90.

There is virtually no difference. The speech in loud noise programme is automatic on the V90, whereas on the V70 I have to manually select it. But because the speech in noise programme on the V70 is so good, I very rarely have to switch to the loud noise programme.

The V90 also has a car programme, but I haven’t noticed any difference between that and comprehension with the V70s in the car.

I would happily try out a V50 even, as speech in noise, comfort in noise and calm situation is all that I would need, as long as it is automatically selected.

Incidentally, I do find that the ITC is better in noise probably on account of the form factor.

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Anybody else find the car program helpful, or not? It sounds like a great feature if it worked, but claims are often differnt than reality.



My wife and I have literally been floored by my ability to hear in the car as compared to Resound original linx and even the Quattro. I always forget to mention that. It’s very good at activating automagically, and it does a damn good job for the person sitting next to me if I’m driving. If I’m in the back seat, say for an Uber or something, hearing up front is still a challenge. But I’ve come to the conclusion that’s just life for me.

Automagically :grin:

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I saved $1600 by going to the 50Rs after reading Dr Cox’ research.

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I tested the 50s, 70s, and 90s. While there was incremental difference, my hearing loss is in the higher frequencies and since the 90s have more frequency points up in those ranges, I chose to go with those. I’m not sure it was worth the extra money but I figure eventually it will be!



You could hear the differences in how they handled high frequency? Can you describe it? Can you describe any other differences? Thanks.



When I tried the Brio 3, I hated the car program. It didn’t work when it should and it kept jumping out of the program.



The audiologist played a tape of people talking in a noisy restaurant, in particular a woman’s voice. I felt that I heard her voice more clearly with the premiums. A friend in another city who is an audiologist thought I probably wasn’t going to hear enough of a difference to spend that much more money but I did it anyway. I felt like I did hear better with the premiums. Very subjective, though.

Also, thanks to some folks on this forum, I got my bluetooth all worked out and so that has been a pleasure. And the audiologist did an update that took care of some issues with turning the hearing aids off manually.

Having said all that, I still can’t hear as well as I’d like!



I was given a quote of $1000 difference between the M90s and M70s. They would have to be exceptional for me to pay that difference. I chose the M70s and they’re great.