Marvel and remote microphones


Have I got it straight that with the Phonak Marvel, the only remote microphone options would be Roger (Pen or Select)? And that currently to use them they would require a T-coil model, but that in the future they will have the option of activating a built in Roger Receiver? If I’ve got this right, this is likely to be a limitation of a Costco model (Brio-4 whenever it’s released?) Costco has not supported Roger devices in the past and if Costco is the only remote microphone for Marvel, it would mean that a Costco version of the Marvel would not have a remote microphone option.



I’ve heard rumors that a remote mic and remote control are on their way. Only rumors though.



music to my ears! would love a remote control. Please, phonak!



You don’t just use their crummy app?



can’t use your phone easily in all situations. there’s specific situations i’m in that a remote control would be much better than an app.

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