Marvel 2 and Myphonak app

Has anyone had any problems with the latest marvel update and myphonak app ?
Not sure what is causing it but the aids keep switching to Bluetooth streaming even though I am not streaming anything they should stay on autosence OS 3 not sure how to stop it either.
Can anyone help
Thanks Dell

Yes I’m having the same problem. Using the MyPhonak app I can set the remote control to autosense is 3.0. Later on if I check the remote the setting it has slipped to Bluetooth Streaming + MIC 1?
This setting has a much different sound from the autosense 3.0. I suspect that it doesn’t make any automatic changes. Will monitor forum to see if there are any answers.

I presently have Costco KS 9’s which are basically Marvels and at times notice the same thing. What I have discovered is sometimes my Samsung S7 thinks it is supposed to be streaming something and the aids will stay or change to streaming.
I have found that closing any and all apps on the phone will sometimes work at returning aids to Autosense and if that doesn’t work a reboot of phone definitely takes care of the problem… YMMV

I’m not seeing that happen. If I’m streaming and I look at myPhonak app, I see the Streaming Program. As soon as I stop streaming, myPhonak app goes back to AutoSense OS 3.0.

I wonder if it has anything to do with the current version of Android? I have the Marvel 2.0 firmware update and I’m running Android 10 on an Android Google Pixel 3XL.

One work around might be to switch off Bluetooth streaming for media and switch it bak on only when you want to stream something. The streaming for phone call remain always on, only media streaming will be off.
You can do this from Bluetooth connection -> Phonak hearing aid settings.

Since I posted it hasn’t happened again so if it was deleting app and parings and reinstalling I don’t know but that’s what I did and it seems to be fine now.