Mark up on Roger Pen

So excluding the good or bad performance of Phonak’s Roger Pen, the cost or the device is any where from $800 to $1000. Does anyone here on the board think the Roger Pen is cheap? Does anyone here think the Roger Pen might cost less then $100 to make? Cheaper? I certainly understand the need for any company selling a product to make a profit off the sale of that product. But seriously the mark up on the Roger Pen could be 700% - 800% plus. Think about it.

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I don’t think prices of Roger products should be this much high. Sonova is just after pure corporate greed.

I think we often think about the cost to make a product and forget about the cost to develop a product. Although I’m hardly a free market capitalist, I do think there’s a lot to be said for letting the market determine prices.


It’s a niche market product for education and profound loss. The fact that government and insurance subsidizes these drives the price up. As for the real cost to produce? You could be right.

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It’s like most latest and greatest items, outrageous pricing.
The real price comes out a year or so later on eBay. As my father used to say “Whatever the traffic will bare”.

I picked up a whole slew of Phonak stuff including a Roger pen and base stations for $65-$70 off eBay a few months ago.


In all fairness, Phonak has a limited market, and FDA certs are expensive. As well as development costs.

I would estimate that they’re making a high profit but not obscene.

Nothing like taking $20 insulin vials and selling them for $200 because you contrive a slightly modified patent and deliberately stop selling the old stuff. The insulin market is HUGE, and they make back their development costs in a matter of months. At the low price.

Roger Pen is Overpriced to say the least. Phonak has a Captive Market, add that to Greed and you have a $200-$250 item that’s selling well over $1000. My Audi in NY quoted $1400. There is no Roger Pen in my future.


eBay is your friend if you don’t need the Roger iN stuff.

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At the moment eBay listings are not compatible with the New Phonak hearing aids. I will keep an eye out.

Speaking as someone that purchases products directly from the manufacturer, I can tell you that the COGs on the Roger devices are very high. Phonak is very proud of the Roger line up, the devices can outperform any other external listening device in noise. That being said the pricing is too high.


The Roger equipment is nice.

I can vouch for the Roger pen compared to the Phonak remote mic. Each is very handy.

A persons hearing loss plays a part in the Roger system. With my loss I can barely tell the difference between the Roger pen and the remote mic from a sound quality standpoint. A person with less loss could probably tell a huge difference in sound quality but am not sure about that.

Both the remote mic and the Roger pen have similar range for picking up sound, at least that is what I have seen. Both products need to be properly tuned in the hearing aid software for them to shine.

Maybe a pro could explain why the Roger system is so much better than the previous system.


That’s why I said if you don’t need the Roger iN stuff. The Roger iN stuff is for the Marvels.

Not sure if you know but the remote mic is OMNI directional and the Pen is directional.

I find the remote mic picks up more noise but the volume control on the actual remote mic, helps with that.


Didn’t know that about Omni or directional mics.

I did try both in a vehicle at 80 MPH during a trip and both were unusable due to road noise. Windows up and no music on. I figured all this noise could have been tuned better, haven’t gotten to that yet. Maybe I should have directed the Roger pen towards my son who was talking???

I do like the volume control on the remote mic also.

Perhaps you had a bunch of people in the car with you so hanging the mic on one person’s neck wouldn’t have addressed all your hearing needs. But over the last 2 weeks, I’ve driven about 2500 miles with my wife doing most of the driving (her car). A ReSound Multi Mic hung from her neck in unidirectional mode worked great. I could shut off my external mics if I wanted. And even better was wearing my Surface noise cancelling headphones over my ears and HA’s while streaming her voice. Using ReSound Multi Mic in noisy workplace

So since the Roger Pen is so superb, I would think if you were able to use it in the same way, you’d get great results with it, too. The wife was driving at 75 to 80 mph (75 mph limit) and her 2017 Honda Accord is a pretty noisy car. There were parts of our drive where the concrete Interstate had very annoying road ripple (thrump-thrump-thrump) with a heavy penetrating bass component and the Surface headphones pretty much eliminated that (don’t recall clearly how well the HA’s could handle that by themselves-probably not as well).

My results are with wearing very occlusive custom molds.

Obviously I need to do more research on this. With the excellent help of our members here it should be a snap, I hope.
Recently I bought a set of Naida SP V90 aids. I just finished setting them up with the Roger pen and the Roger X that plugs into the Compilot2. I will see how this set up works.


What’s the Roger iN stuff?

Roger iN stuff is for the Phonak Marvel Hearing Aids.

And the point being that it transmits directly from the Roger microphone to the Marvel hearing aid without the need for an additional hardware receiver “shoe” on the HA.

No warranty with eBay and of course when the seller is 2000 miles away - you can just walk your Roger Pen over for repairs or return. eBay might be OK for HA items under $100. If over stay away.