Mark Cuban backs ChatableApps, developer of a hearing assist app that removes background noise

Has anyone tried this one? Sounds like a similar idea to HeardThat but further along and now getting serious funding.


Download for iOS:

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Mark Cuban gets involved in everything for the money.


You’re not wrong, but hey, I’m just always happy to see new investment into accessibility tech.


The latency is very distracting. I plugged in my Bluetooth neckloop for my hearing aids and tried separately with regular wired headphones. The echo detracts heavily from the hearing experience.

A lot of the app reviews on the Play Store were positive. I don’t know if they’re fake or I’m experiencing something completely different.

I’m still waiting to hear back from HeardThat to test their app. I submitted their signup form a couple weeks ago.

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I don’t understand what the use-case is for these? For example, am I supposed to ear my wired headphones and then the phone’s mic? That might be useful for TV I guess.

Unless you block out the direct/analog/in-air sound won’t this sound like slap-back echo? This means that the original sound then almost immediately after the processed version.

FWIW, it crashes every time I click the “go” button.

LG LML413DL Android 8.1

The logical use-case is to set your phone near a talker, lean back, and hear good.

This video was just shared with me:


From reading the advert and this thread, it seems to me that if you have advanced hearing aids like the Phonak Naida M, you might want to try the PartnerMic accessory. I just got one and have used it and it really does a great job of isolating the person you are chatting with and making his/her voice very clear. It is a tiny device that you can carry around with you and it isn’t going to get in your way. Just don’t let the ‘partner’ walk off with the mic!

Wow, that’s very cool. I think Google’s Live Transcribe is a game changer and I think this might be even better. So I wonder what setup was required beforehand. It’s the phone and the wired headphones and the app. No hearing aids at all, right? There are a lot of unanswered questions … the fitting range (or equivalent) is primary on my list, followed quickly by Android support?

Launching on iOS today:

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Chatable does stream to Oticon OPN1 and works better than the Oticon app for using an iPhone as a remote microphone IMHO.


I interviewed the CEO of ChatableApps. Here’s the dialogue:

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I tried in on Android (Samsung Galxay S7 Android 8.0.0) and it doesn’t crash at least. I can’t really tell if it works though. With the COVID situation I’m rarely face to face with anyone these days. I tried it with the TV, but like Live Transcribe, you need to have the TV really loud for it to pick up anything. I also had the volume at max on the phone and in the app (same thing really). I guess I will have to wait until the planet is habitable again.

The latency appears to have improved recently with my LG G7 ThinQ. The lag is barely perceptible compared to when i tried ChatableApps last (1 to 2 months ago).

I have yet to try the app in a real world scenario though as I haven’t been exposed to much background noise since COVID started.

Apparently this app works better on iOS than Android, which is unsurprising given the hardware and software standardization on apple products …

I have used my free Live Listen on my iPhone and it works quite well, so I have to wonder why I would pay a monthly fee for the Chatable app? Is it that much better?
Also, it’s not like I would use the app any more than the few times I now use Live Listen monthly when going to visit friends or out to restaurants.
I am about to buy a new set of Resound HAs and have a slight interest in the Multi Mic, so it would be interesting to see a comparison of the Multi Mic vs the Chatable App.