Mark Cuban backs ChatableApps, developer of a hearing assist app that removes background noise

Has anyone tried this one? Sounds like a similar idea to HeardThat but further along and now getting serious funding.

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Mark Cuban gets involved in everything for the money.

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You’re not wrong, but hey, I’m just always happy to see new investment into accessibility tech.


The latency is very distracting. I plugged in my Bluetooth neckloop for my hearing aids and tried separately with regular wired headphones. The echo detracts heavily from the hearing experience.

A lot of the app reviews on the Play Store were positive. I don’t know if they’re fake or I’m experiencing something completely different.

I’m still waiting to hear back from HeardThat to test their app. I submitted their signup form a couple weeks ago.

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I don’t understand what the use-case is for these? For example, am I supposed to ear my wired headphones and then the phone’s mic? That might be useful for TV I guess.

Unless you block out the direct/analog/in-air sound won’t this sound like slap-back echo? This means that the original sound then almost immediately after the processed version.

FWIW, it crashes every time I click the “go” button.

LG LML413DL Android 8.1

The logical use-case is to set your phone near a talker, lean back, and hear good.