Many dentists hard of hearing


Had my teeth cleaned today and that’s what my dental tech told me - because of extended exposure to the high-speed drill they use. She gave as an example my very dentist who was unable to hearing the hiss of a leak in an air line that she had pointed out to her.



I was told this too when I was teenager. My deafness had just been diagnosed and I was wearing my first ever UK NHS hearing aids, body worn style with the cords and big ear pieces (it was the early 1970s) and at a dental appointment my dentist commented and said that he expected he would need hearing aids as dentists went deaf from the noise of the drills they used.



Wow! never heard of this happening, but think about it, it makes sense the constant sound of high speed drills. Thanks for sharing.



Why couldn’t they wear ear protection? Seems like an easy solution.



It was my understanding that it was a combination of factors including Ototxicity of mercury and other filling compounds, prolonged exposure to anaesthetics and cleaning solvents as well as some noise damage.

I believe the same used to be the case for print setters - Toluene and the noise of the presses.

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You’d think that they would this day and age, but remember I was referring to the early 70s,. Would be in 1972 as that’s when I went deaf.