Manufacturer representatives


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@lemur, you obviously have software development background and raise some good points about how the bug tracker voting system can be abused.

I could use the help in getting it setup and working properly so that some of the issues you’ve outlined are properly addressed. Again, this is currently in pilot mode so it lacks some of the bells, whistles, and conveniences you’d find a well managed and fully deployed system.

Let me know if you’re interested in contributing to this initiative.


OK after spending a lot of time tracking all the parameters to report both here and to my AuD I stopped in last week. We sent the left aid back to Phonak. Costco called today to say Phonak said the aid was defective and they sent a new replacement. I have to go in next week to have everything reprogrammed. I’ll get them to tweak a few things at the same time.


My audi has been on the phone with various tech people. Most have been helpful but some clearly don’t have much experience or know what they are doing.